Reuben S Njaa

Reuben S Njaa

Instructor Department of Art Phone: (956) 251-9580

I started as an entry-level (no experience in photography) assistant in New York. I worked my way up over eight years to First Assistant and traveled the world photographing fashion and portraits with Francesco Scavullo.

After six years, Scavullo advised me that I was ready to have my own studio, but it took another two years before I left his studio and moved to Minneapolis along with a friend. We bought a warehouse building in downtown Minneapolis and opened a full-service commercial photography business. During the 10-plus years in Minneapolis, I worked on major accounts for the leading department store and designers such as Dayton-Hudson, Levi’s, Aveda, Asics Shoes, New York Times Magazine, Northwest Airlines, USSA and dozens of album covers. I spent eight months in Milan, Italy, shooting for various modeling agencies and magazines.

  • BA - Texas A&M International University - Laredo, TX
  • MFA Texas A&M - Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi, TX
  • 5 years - Texas A&M International
  • 8 years - The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division
  • 5 years - UIW

Twenty-five years as a commercial and portrait photographer

Photography and bookmaking

  • Introduction to Digital Photography
  • Advanced Digital Photography
  • Advanced Lighting
  • Advanced Portraiture
  • Design for Photographers