Sr. Geralda Malloy

Sister Geralda Malloy, CCVI, Chemistry Professor and Dean of Women 

Sister Geralda came from Ireland and wound up teaching science. But student memories of her are focused on her long tenure as Dean of Students and keeper of the dorms.

She knew that rules were there to prevent anarchy and she did enforce them like any good dean. But she also knew young women and the need to let off some steam with harmless pranks and clean fun. She knew about the annual April 1st tradition of setting all alarms in hallways to go off at 3:00 a.m., moving large statues to the door of nuns, or moving the entire contents of unlocked faculty offices to new locations in the dead of night.

No harm done and the faculty got some exercise and bonding opportunities.

At other daytime hours she had a sense that something was up so she would retreat to the roof of Dubuis Hall for some private meditation. From that vantage point she had a birdseye view of the campus grotto, a favorite hiding spot for campus smokers.

She knew the rising cloud of smoke was not incense, and she did not approve, but at least they were on campus. And alumni had their memories of “getting away with something” to tell children and grandchildren.

This is our heritage. Making a Difference.

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