Sr. Teresa Grabber

Sr Teresa Grabber, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Alumna of Distinction

Sister 22

A native of the Texas panhandle her early experiences with the Sisters led her to the College where she earned her BA in Mathematics degree in 1958. She did not stop here and further graduate study gave her incredible flexibility. At that time she was known as Sister Mary Edward and she taught English, German, Mathematics, and Linguistics.

A multi-tasker par excellence, she served on numerous faculty committees, worked in several offices, and conducted a summer study tour to Germany. Her energy reserves were inclusive of physical labor and helping students with academic problems, not to mention singing with the Sisters’ Choir. In retirement she is equally active working in finance, liturgy, and cantoring at Masses. Her batteries never seem to need recharging and she has a wonderful memory of former students, and the feeling is mutual.

This is our heritage. Making a difference.

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