UIW Health Professions Pathways

The University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) established a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with select universities and colleges to establish the UIW Health Profession Pathways through which exceptional undergraduate students who maintain certain academic criteria and successfully meet the admissions criteria will be guaranteed an admissions interview with one of the UIW Health Professions Schools.

The pathways will provide expanded educational opportunities to students who are interested in pursuing a health profession career. Our goal is that the student's strong academic criteria and passion for the health profession, and our education at our five health professions schools, will help advance the quality of healthcare in diverse populations.

One Word in Healthcare

The University of the Incarnate Word is known nationally for preparing graduates to become leaders in a changing healthcare environment and for making a commitment to its alumni to promote lifelong learning and service. Our health profession schools rank among the best in the nation and San Antonio offers an unmatched variety of clinical settings that address patient needs.

One Word: Purpose

Our five health profession schools - pharmacy, nursing and health professions, optometry, osteopathic medicine and physical therapy - attract some of the nation’s most talented and diverse faculty and students. Our emphasis on critical thinking, holistic approaches and clinical experience enable students to graduate practice-ready across a variety of professional settings.

Program Requirements

Students presented to UIW through this pipeline program shall pursue a program in one of our health professions programs. Prerequisite course requirements and other criteria have been agreed upon by both universities. Each UIW Health Professions School maintains specific guidelines which can be found on their websites noted below. For additional information, contact the health profession advisor at your undergraduate institution.

Participating Universities and Colleges

Students from the universities and colleges listed below are eligible for an admission interview slot for one of the UIW health profession schools if they meet that school’s admission requirements as well as have been identified by their undergraduate university as a potential candidate.

*The number of guaranteed interview spots per program is limited.

  • Carroll College
  • Marymount University
  • Our Lady of the Lake University
  • Rust College
  • Schreiner University
  • St. Edward's University
  • Stillman College
  • Texas A&M International University (does not include the School of Nursing)
  • Texas Lutheran University
  • Wiley College (only include the School of Physical Therapy)

To learn more or to see if you qualify for the program, check with the health profession advisor at your undergraduate university or college. Fill out the inquiry form below to be connect with UIW.

Health Profession Schools Admission Requirements

The Feik School of Pharmacy (FSOP) is dedicated to providing pharmacy education and scholarship that advances the quality of healthcare practices in diverse populations. FSOP focuses on a strong foundation in the basic pharmaceutical, administrative and clinical sciences using innovative technology, curricular integration, lifelong learning and critical thinking to provide high-quality, evidence-based pharmaceutical care with opportunities for multicultural and multilingual development.

Learn More About the School of Pharmacy

School of Pharmacy Admission Requirements

The Ila Faye Miller School of Nursing and Health Professions combines the best possible scientific grounding with unmatched clinical experience across many types of healthcare settings and diverse patient populations. Our students advance a mission of faith-based care that began in 1869 with the founding of the region’s first Catholic hospital. Faculty, students and alumni carry on that work through regional clinics, service trips abroad and other mission-driven initiatives.

Learn More About the School of Nursing

School of Nursing Admission Requirements

The Rosenberg School of Optometry (RSO) is the only optometry school associated with a faith-based institution emphasizing individualized attention and placing a high importance on our students personal growth and development. The support system that is created through both the feel of family and appreciation of diversity is a tremendous source of guidance and strength for our students.

Learn More About the School of Optometry

School of Optometry Admission Requirements

The School of Osteopathic Medicine (UIWSOM) combines scientific grounding, service to the community and abundant clinical experience across many types of primary and specialty care settings and diverse patient populations. Students will gain confidence and deepen their commitment to medicine while addressing the real and pressing needs of underserved communities.

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School of Osteopathic Medicine Admission Requirements

The School of Physical Therapy (SoPT) educates physical therapists who, through skilled, reflective, holistic patient-centered practice and scholarly activities, optimize movement and wellness for the common good of society.

The Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) program is offered in the School of Physical Therapy. Occupational therapy practitioners use their knowledge of the transactional relationship among the client, their engagement in valuable occupations and the context to design occupation-based intervention plans.

The Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT) is also offered in the School of Physical Therapy. The MSAT degree program allows students to apply knowledge and expertise to improve healthcare for the physically active and serve as healthcare leaders in their communities. The program includes a combination of coursework and clinical experiences to prepare students to sit for the Board of Certification (BOC) exam.

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School of Physical Therapy Admission Requirements

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