In 1995, the School of Professional Studies was established with the purpose of extending the benefits of undergraduate education to persons unable to attend college in a traditional college setting. UIW realized the difficulties working adults had balancing a career, family and social responsibilities when wanting to start or continue their college degree.

Students should always consult their service education office before engaging in any voluntary education endeavor. It's the student's responsibility to know the Tuition Assistance (TA) process and policy for their branch of service. For more information, please contact or 877-603-1130.

Admissions Requirements

School of Professional Studies (SPS)

The School of Professional Studies is tailored to busy adult and military students seeking accelerated degree programs offered online or in the classroom (San Antonio and Corpus Christi).

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UIW Broadway Campus

The UIW Broadway campus includes all other programs outside of the School of Professional Studies.

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Angela Clarke Testimonial

UIW School of Professional Studies (SPS) graduate student Angela Clarke, shares her experience as a Cardinal and what she enjoys most.

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