Sr. Maria del Socorro Lazo

Sr. Maria del Socorro Lazo, CCVI, Professor of Art and Chairman

She was a legend in her own time and her art works are still honored here and beyond. Though born in Chihuahua she always maintained that Texas was a source of her inspiration as reflected in her artwork. And her grandfather was a cousin of Sam Houston.

Not only her paintings but her delicate china painting is still on display or in use today. She chaired the Art Department from 1938 until her untimely death in 1956. Sister Maria del Socorro’s singular contribution to her students and the art world was the firm belief that creativity is not a selfish art. It is to be shared. She opened up art exhibits to the San Antonio community, brought in artists to share their talents, and organized and encouraged student art exhibits on campus and on tour. She left her mark with the delicate stroke of a brush.

This is our heritage. Making a difference.

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