Sr. Mary Lucy Corcoran

Sister Mary Lucy Corcoran, CCVI, Professor of Biology

Sister 10

She was one of those outstanding Incarnate Word science faculty members who, years later, alumni credit for making their career success possible. Professional nurses, scientific researchers, and medical practitioners would easily admit that her courses were never easy, but served them for a lifetime. Her enthusiasm for her subject matter inspired to be sure, but she was aware that the path ahead would be no easier than her classes.

In her quiet, Irish way, she seemed to preach a reality that you can either ‘fish or cut bait.’
Fishing is far more fun and productive. And bait is useless unless used well. Sister’s life was dedicated to the classroom, the laboratory and student success.

For non science majors she instilled a healthy and awesome respect for science and the scientific method applicable in other disciplines. That is called critical and responsible thinking.

This is part of our heritage. Making a difference.

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