Sr. Adriana Escobar

Sister Adriana Escobar, CCVI, Associate Professor of Spanish and Business

Sister 05

Sister Adriana came directly from Mexico to what was then Incarnate Word College where she earned her BA degree and then the MA in Spanish from UT Austin. In those early days she had a very specific mission. She was to teach Spanish of course, but a larger assignment for her was to provide young women from Mexico enough skills in English and business in two years to prepare them for bi-lingual positions in that country. In effect, she operated a junior college-type program.

A few of her students stayed on for an undergraduate degree, but most were satisfied with the background they achieved. And even had jobs awaiting their return. Sister Adriana could not have known it but she anticipated the future university degree program in international business. An apartment building in the Avoca complex bears her name.

Her classes in Spanish language and culture even inspired college students to major in that field and form a lasting friendship. In fact one of her former students, Joan Bernard Pinsonault, later established an endowed scholarship in Spanish to honor her. Sister was quiet, somewhat shy, but totally dedicated. In later years her fluency in two languages made her an invaluable assistant and advisor to Sister Columkille, President.

That relationship continued in retirement for both, and Sister Adriana until her death remained a loyal and devoted caregiver to Sister Columkille.

This is part of our heritage. Making a difference.

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