Sisters' Narratives by Dick McCracken

Our Heritage, Our Difference

Over the past 130 plus years the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio have continued the mission of making a difference in the world as started by the first three young women who came from France after the U.S. Civil War in response to a call for help. All of them were about the same age as a current UIW student.

They had little predictors for success: they spoke little English, had a crash course in nursing skills, no money, and the building promised them burned to the ground while they were enroute from Galveston by stagecoach. But they said yes to a call, had youthful determination and drive, and courage to face anything the Wild West could dish out.

Christus Santa Rosa, UIW and IWHS, like the founders, are but three of their legacies.

We understand the why? But the how? is a remarkable history of women, and those with them, who managed to turn the word no into on, as in onward. They truly believed that God would provide if they did their part, and prayer and sacrifice, not blind luck, was their part of the deal.

There are literally hundreds of heritage stories of equal value and importance. The following mini biographies are only a few snapshots of remarkable women in our history. Some perhaps more outspoken than others, but all made a difference and touched lives profoundly. This is their legacy and your inheritance. 

- Dick McCracken