Call for Papers - Journal of San Antonio

Research Papers

The Journal encourages scholarship in all aspects of the life of San Antonio. Papers should focus on events of human life within Bexar County, and represent the highest quality of research writing on academic topics. Editors seek original research that interprets primary and secondary sources and presents new insight on the experience of humans within the geographic bounds of Bexar County. All aspects of inquiry that fall within the purview of humanities studies meet the needs of the Journal.

Anonymous, or blind, peer review by qualified scholars will determine the acceptability of submitted papers.

Submissions should be directed to:

Short Entries

Short entries use close focus to illuminate one very specific aspect of life in Bexar County. Editors seek well-written and well-documented features that will explain the experience of San Antonians to students, visitors, scholars and researchers.

Entries must focus on a specific topic. For instance, the Journal will not accept an entry entitled “The River Walk” because it is too broad. Editors suggest more limited subjects such as “Robert Hugman’s Promotion of his Early River Walk Designs” or “The River Walk Extension, 1968.”

Because the Journal requires quality in both expression and factual representation and documentation, the approval process includes extensive fact checking. Hence, authors will submit photocopies of source material with key factual information highlighted in order to expedite the editors’ job of ensuring factual accuracy.