Frank Jennings Collection - Journal of San Antonio

After his Air Force civil service retirement in 1985, Frank W. Jennings continued his writing career by delving into an array of topics, but most predominantly, the history of San Antonio, publishing countless articles in Texas Highways, Senior Sentinel, The San Antonio Conservation Society Journal, and other publications. His greatest contribution to the study of San Antonio came with the 1998 publication of his 400 page overview of the city and its cultural heritage, San Antonio, The Story of an Enchanted City. Published by the San Antonio Express News, the book represents the first comprehensive survey of the city’s past since 1959 when Charles Ramsdell wrote San Antonio: An Historical and Pictorial Guide.

In The Frank W. Jennings Collection readers can explore a wide variety of topics and perspectives. For Jennings, our city’s history resides in the stories of its people, and in his writing he explores the quaint, the humorous, the diverse, the expansive, and the trivial in an effort to color his canvases with all the hues available to his writer’s palette.

Mr. Jennings himself offered a note of caution regarding the use of the collection. When possible, he provided the collection entries with the dates of their writing, but at times that information was unavailable. Further, take note that recent research and interpretation may date some of the material. Thus, Mr. Jennings and the editorial staff hope that the Collection presents a valuable retrospective of Jennings’ work between 1985 and 2005.

The editors take pride in presenting The Frank W. Jennings Collection to our readers and hope that it will pique the interest of all—but especially younger—readers to learn more about the many amazing stories to be discovered in Texas history.

Patricia Gower, Ph.D.
Executive Editor

Index of Frank Jennings Publications


1899 City Rules

Abolitionist Benjamin Lundy’s 1833 Visit to San Antonio

The Argyle's Fascinating History


Belgians of Early San Antonio

Birdie Lytle, San Antonio House Builder for the Poor

Black Leaders of the 20th Century

Blacks in the Civil War Era


Camp Bullis, the Amazing Seminole-Negro Scouts, and John Lapham Bullis

Dr. Charles Campbell and San Antonio’s Bats

Chili Queens Graced San Antonio Plazas

City Warned to Protect its Historic Cemeteries


William Dewees: Descriptions of a Texas Pioneer Life Before 1850


A 1928 Express-News Tells of the Times

English, Scotch, and Welsh Settle in 19th Century San Antonio


A Fandango in Words and Paint--Fretellier and Gentilz Record 1850s Night Life

French Flavoring I: The French Flag Over Texas

French Flavoring II: Two French Heroes

French Flavoring III

French Flavoring IV

French Flavoring V: A Favorite Architect, Giraud and a Favorite Grocer, Genet


Alfred Giles, and Englishman in San Antonio



Irish in Colonial San Antonio


John James, English Entrepreneur

Jose Francisco Ruiz and his Decades-long Fight for Texas Independence



La Coste, French Entrepreneur From Mexico



Naming San Antonio in 1691



Pike's Views of San Antonio, 1807



Jose Francisco Ruiz and his Decades-long Fight for Texas Independence


The Shawnee Cattle Trail Passed San Antonio


John Twohig: Breadline Banker by Frank W. Jennings