UIW Mission and Ministry (UMM) presents the Community Ofrenda for Día de los Muertos – Our Lady’s Chapel

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Dia de los Muertos ofrienda

For many years, UIW has commemorated Día de los Muertos with a beautiful ofrenda near Our Lady's Chapel, decorated with symbols and signs of the season, skulls and skeletons (reminding us that death is part of life), and most importantly, with pictures of those whom we wish to honor. These altarcitos, or “little altars,” are not only created to help us remember but also to help us learn about and celebrate the lives of our family, friends and mentors. The 2022 community ofrenda will be set up in the hallway leading to Our Lady's Chapel on Tuesday, Oct. 25. It will remain set up until Nov. 18. Share photographs of your deceased loved ones and friends on the community ofrenda outside Our Lady’s Chapel. Please include your name, cell phone and email on the back of each photo if you wish them to be returned.

Attend All Saints’ Day Mass on Nov. 1 and All Souls’ Day Mass on Nov. 2 at 12 noon in Our Lady’s Chapel. There is no better way to honor the memory of a loved one than with your prayers, joined with the prayers of your UIW family. Please note that the 6 p.m. Mass on Nov. 1 at the Chapel of the Incarnate Word has been canceled.

Sign the Book of Remembrance in the hallway near the Our Lady’s Chapel.

If your department or school will be setting up an ofrenda, take some pictures and please inform Mission and Ministry at uiwmediaministry@uiwtx.edu. UMM is compiling an ofrenda pictorial directory of these places of remembrance from our UIW campuses and Brainpower schools. Send pictures to with “Ofrenda pictures from (your name)”

Visit the UMM webpage for additional ways to honor your loved ones during this season of “remembering.” The UMM web page also includes some helpful information if you would like to create your own ofrenda. Send UMM a picture to share in the ofrenda pictorial directory so that others can see. The webpage also includes important details and deadlines.