Dr. David Vequist collaborating with Mexico’s federal secretariats of Tourism and the Economy to foster the development of regional industry clusters in the medical tourism sector.

requestThis fall marked the launch of a year-long training program by UIW’s Center for Medical Tourism Research (CMTR) in collaboration with the Mexican federal government’s Secretaría de Economía and Secretaría de Turismo. The program is designed to help business leaders and doctors in the medical field work together to develop regional industry clusters that will attract more medical tourists and improve services and infrastructure in regions throughout Mexico. With over 90 industry professionals enrolled in the program, a second section of the program will open in February at the request of Mexico’s Secretaría de Turismo (SECTUR). Course lectures are largely delivered virtually, due to the geographic disbursement of participants, representing more than 10 states across Mexico. Nonetheless, Dr. Vequist traveled to Mexico City to deliver a preliminary session at the Secretaría de Economía headquarters, and to the city of Tijuana, to deliver one of his training sessions in person at the Baja California Third Medical & Health Forum and Expo.