More Lewis Center Interviews

Meet Dr. Roberto Fajardo

Dr. Roberto Fajardo speaks about his work with Amigos en Medicina in San Antonio and a surgical mission started by his father in Neiva, Colombia, going on its 27th year with the support of Healing the Children.

Meet Dr. Jeannette Wong-Powell

Dr. Jeannette Wong-Powell recounts the journey that brought her to the United States from her native Mexico and what allowed her to become the esteemed optometrist and professor she is today.

Meet Ambassador James Creagan

The focus of this interview with Dr. James Creagan is the nation of Honduras, where he served as ambassador under President Bill Clinton. Today, Dr. Creagan continues to dedicate time to Honduras by providing leadership to the Texas Water Mission, a strategic partner of the Lewis Center.

Meet Dr. David Vequist

Dr. David Vequist, Director of UIW’s Center for Medical Tourism Research (CMTR), speaks about the growth of medical tourism in the Americas, and the CMTR’s efforts to foster the development of health tourism clusters in multiple states across Mexico, in collaboration with Mexico’s Secretaría de Turismo.

Meet Ambassador Edward Prado

Former U.S. ambassador to Argentina and federal judge Edward C. Prado speaks with Dr. Rafael Hoyle about the journey that took him from San Antonio, Texas, where he was born and spent his entire life, to the City of Buenos Aires, where he served for three years as ambassador.