The Lewis Center remains grateful to the authors of this important monograph for their collaboration, and for allowing us to fund and coordinate the English translation of the original version in Spanish. We also wish to thank UIW Professor Dr. Gabriel Saxton-Ruiz for serving as our expert translator, and for his continued contributions as an active member of the Lewis Center Faculty Network. For a limited time, the book is available for free download using the Kindle app, and paperback copies may also be purchased for a reasonable price on Amazon.

Book synopses from the back cover: The great transnational Mexican nation comprises 170 million Mexicans –130 million residing within the national territory and 40 million beyond our borders (the majority of whom are in the United States). Mexico must build a future that embraces this transnational nation in its entirety, creating conditions where all Mexicans enjoy and can exercise all their rights, while also experiencing the highest levels of security, welfare, and development, regardless of their location. Thus, the Mexican government should implement policies and programs that ensure a united and prosperous transnational Mexican nation.

The aim of this book is to provide a diagnosis and assessment of the current reality of Mexicans beyond the borders, as well as an examination of the laws, institutions, and programs the Mexican government has in place for them. Based on this analysis and evaluation, significant opportunities will be identified for optimal service to Mexicans abroad and recommendations for immediate actions to maximize their security, welfare, and development will be proposed.