Dr. James Creagan, Fellow of the Lewis Center, is supporting the Texas Water Mission with ongoing efforts to provide fresh water and combat cholera in underserved villages in Honduras

Dr. James Creagan

Lewis Center Fellow, Dr. James Creagan, is supporting the Texas Water Mission’s (TWM) ongoing project to dig water wells in underserved Honduran villages. The project was initiated in response to the devastation caused by hurricane Mitch back in 1998, which led to water quality problems and an outbreak of a cholera epidemic. Dr. Creagan was the U.S. Ambassador to Honduras during the hurricane, and was instrumental in executing the immediate emergency response, leveraging and helping to coordinate the resources of the U.S. military’s Southern Command. Dr. Creagan now continues to support the Honduran people by sitting on the Executive Team of the Texas Water Mission. For more information about the TWM’s project in Honduras, please go to the Texas Water Mission webpage