ArmyIgnitED and UIW Processes

Application and Education Paths

ArmyIgnitED is the updated site designed for Army students, including active-duty Army, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard soldiers to complete tuition assistance request (TAR). ArmyIgnitED is a tailored, intuitive resource that empowers Army servicemembers to achieve their educational goals.

Active-duty Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard soldiers apply directly to the school and make a degree program choice.

School of Professional Studies (online and night/weekend courses): The School of Professional Studies provides the most benefits to the active duty Servicemembers. All of your work is done online when your class is held in the online format (95% of SPS courses). Night and weekend courses are offered in selected locations. Benefits to the Servicemembers include:

  • Tuition Assistance at cap ($250.00/hr)
  • FREE textbooks. SPS will supply your textbooks at no charge to you whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student. For details, visit the free textbooks page
  • No academic fees
  • Accelerated 8-week courses with six terms a year
  • Accelerated 4-week Summer and 4-week Winter courses for completion of prerequisites.
  • No proctored exams for online coursework

Broadway Campus (on-ground and hybrid/blended courses): The Broadway campus is located at 4301 Broadway and classes are held in different buildings. Active duty soldiers processing Tuition Assistance Request (TAR) will enjoy discounted tuition and removal of tuition-related fees. Other fees apply. Textbooks are not provided.

After you apply to the school, the admissions department for the chosen program will contact you and request a copy of your transcripts to initiate the admission process.

To follow up, you may contact:

School of Professional Studies:

Telephone and Email

(210) 757-0202 or (800) 318-1876

Virtual Appointment

Once you have selected a date and time, an admissions counselor will review your request and send you a confirmation email.

Schedule an appointment

Broadway Campus:

Contact the Office of Admissions

(210) 829-6005
(800) 749-WORD

Submit Documents

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School of Professional Studies (Online and night classes):

Broadway Campus:

Yes. UIW does require students to submit official transcripts from every college attended. Even if a soldier does not list a school, it is listed on the National Student Clearinghouse database.

Yes. Official transcripts from previous colleges may be sent electronically to

The University of the Incarnate Word may request the JST on your behalf.

Soldiers must choose "yes" on the application question authorizing UIW to request the JST.

UIW may not request your JST without your permission.

If you are a current student, you do not need to submit a new application.

A readmission form may be required if you have been absent from attending classes.

Please visit Readmission to UIW for more information about absence and readmission.

An Education Goal or selected degree plan (formerly known as an Education Path in ArmyIgnitED 1.0) includes information on your academic profile.

After you are admitted to the school, Army service members must establish an educational goal in ArmyIgnitED 2.0, by selecting UIW as the home school, uploading a copy of the degree plan downloaded from the UIW Student Self-Service, and adding your UIW student ID.

No. The ArmyIgnitED 2.0 and UIW system do not interact. The Education Goal is not an application and therefore will not replace the UIW application.

Yes. Soldiers will only be able to complete TARs (tuition assistance requests) if an Education Goal has been created by the service member in ArmyIgnitED 2.0.

Soldiers may attend UIW as transient students.

Transient students are degree-seeking students whose home institution is different than UIW and who may, upon authorization of the home institution, enroll in approved courses at UIW.

A UIW application is still required and an Education Goal must exist in ArmyIgnitED for the current home institution.

Transient students may apply to the School of Professional Studies (Online and weekend/night classes) and choose "Non-Degree Seeking." Make sure to list the current home institution information.

To apply to the Broadway campus (On-ground classes) please visit Go UIW and choose "transfer students." A choice for transient students will be available.

Yes. Any active duty Army who plans to use tuition assistance must build an Education Goal in ArmyIgnitED regardless. If UIW is not your home institution, you will need to assign your home institution, the degree level, and the area of study that you are pursuing at your home institution.

Army active duty using tuition assistance pays $250.00/hour at UIW which is the TA cap whether you are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate level degree.

Most courses are 3 credits semester hours.

E.g. - Soldiers pursuing a Master of Business Administration with the School of Professional Studies (Online and night/weekend courses), which requires 30 semester hours or 10 courses, will cost you $0 (zero dollars). Army Tuition Assistance will pay $7,500.00 for the completion of the degree and no cost to you.

Degree Plans

Yes. You will not be able to request TAR until you have submitted a copy of your degree plan to the ArmyIngitED 2.0 site.

To make a change of major, please consult your academic advisor for assistance.

You will need to provide a copy to the Army of the new degree plan if a major is different than the current major.

Registrations and Tuition Assistance Request (TAR)

If you received your welcome email, you are now ready to register for classes and start your education journey at UIW!

School of Professional Studies: To register for online and night/weekend classes visit the SPS Course Registration page.

Broadway campus: To register for on-ground/in-classroom classes visit the Registration page.

All UIW courses are available for registration on the ArmyIgnitED 2.0 site. Once you have registered with the school, you must refer to the Army to complete the TAR process.

If a student attempts to request TAR before or after the deadlines set by the Army (7-60 days before a start term date), you will not see any classes available for registration.

E.g. Classes start on April 28, 2023:

  • Tuition Assistance Requests open on Feb. 28, 2023
  • Tuition Assistance Request closes on April 21, 2023

You should always register with the school first and then process a tuition assistance request (TAR) afterward. A class may be full, require a pre-requisite not met, or be under other circumstances that will not be approved.

If you are registering for a class late, that is the only time we advise you to process a TAR first to make sure that you do not miss the window period of TAR.*

*TAR starts 60 days before the start term date and ends 7 days before the start term date

The Tuition Assistance Request (TAR) window opens 60 days before the term start date.

The Tuition Assistance Request (TAR) window closes 7 days before the term start date.

For example:

Fall I 2022 classes begin on Aug. 19, 2023.

  • TAR opens on June 19, 2023
  • TAR closes on Aug. 12, 2023

Please refer to your Education Center or ESO for assistance. UIW does not have any control over TARs. An ACES counselor may be able to still process a TAR for you.

TAR deadline is 60 days before the start term date and no later than seven days before the start term date. If a class is not showing, most likely you are out of the TAR window period.

If a class is new, please contact to make sure the class has been added to ArmyIgnitED 2.0.

No institution can process TAR on a soldier's behalf. That would be a violation of the DoD MOU. Only the soldier or an education counselor may proceed with the TAR.

If you do not want to process TAR to cover the tuition cost, you may attempt other financial aid options:

  1. Financial Aid
  2. Self-pay (eligible military discount still applies for active duty)
  3. Veterans benefits
  4. Payment plans

Make sure to always mention that you are an active duty soldier choosing to use a different type of funds than TAR.

For students who processed veterans benefits, any book stipend funds must be returned to the VA, and the VA will request the funds directly to the soldier.

The same would apply to housing allowance. VA and TA funds should not be processed for the same course unless are intended to cover tuition costs. For whatever reason, if an active duty soldier receives a housing allowance, the VA will request the funds to be returned by the soldier.

Army students are now provided a copy of the TA voucher to be uploaded to military-veteran-services/active-duty/tuition-assistance-form.

If your military status changed from active duty Army to veterans, please email for immediate assistance.

Also, if you notice that you are showing incorrect military status in the UIW system, please contact for immediate assistance.

Military discount rates and credits are applied to student's accounts after the 100% drop date dependent on the program. The soldier's account will be adjusted accordingly after the 100% drop date at approximately the second week of classes.

Please email Ms. Jessica Hernandez at or Mr. Jax Chavez at to review your business account if you notice any discrepancies.

You can also contact the Business Office directly at or by calling (210) 829-6043.

If you remain on active duty, however, you prefer to use VA funds to cover the tuition cost (GI Bill for example), please contact the Veterans Office for assistance:

Military and Veteran Center
Student Engagement Center
Level 3, Room 3021

(210) 832-5651

Visit our Contact Us page for detailed info.

TA and VA funds can only be used for the same course to cover the tuition cost.

To inquire further about the benefits of using TA and VA, please email

The same applies to TA and Financial Aid.

To inquire further about the benefits of using TA and FA, please contact the Financial Aid office.

No. You may not allocate unused TA funds from previous terms to current terms. That is determined by the DoD and not UIW.

Regardless of the situation, always contact your instructor to inquire about the possibility of making arrangements and still completing the course successfully.

Also, make sure to contact your academic advisor to inquire about the resources available to you such as tutoring.

Remember that most courses do follow the 8-week format and weekly participation and deadlines apply.

A Recoupment Waiver must be submitted within 30 days of a "W" grade being posted by the Academic Institutions (Al) in ArmyIgnitED 2.0. (previously within three years).

The last day of 100% refund drops is dependent on the program.

School of Professional Studies: students may request a drop by p.m. CST, Friday of the first week of classes for a UIW 100% refund.

For example,

Classes began Jan. 08, 2022. The deadline is Jan. 14, 2022, at 5 p.m. CST.

Broadway campus: consult the current academic calendar and deadlines page.

The decision to drop a course or withdraw can greatly impact a student’s success in meeting their educational goals. The last day to drop a class is dependent on the program the student is currently attending.

  • School of Professional Studies: visit the Course Drop page for instructions on how to drop or withdraw a course.
  • Broadway campus: contact the University Advising Center (located at the Student Engagement Center, Room 3120) at (210) 805-5814 for assistance.

Contact your Education Center immediately or ASAP.

A Recoupment Waiver must be submitted within 30 days of the "W" grade being posted by the Al in ArmyIgnitED (previously within three years).

UIW NOTE: If a soldier is unable to process the withdrawal with the school before the end of the term, the soldier will receive a grade of F (failure). Once the soldier can do so, and the school receives an approved copy of the military withdrawal, we will work on the soldier's behalf with the registrar's office to request the change of the grade of F (failure) to a grade of W (withdrawal).

Students should communicate with their advisors when dropping courses. Advisors are available to meet with you at an SPS Learning Center, by phone, via Zoom virtual counter, or through email. If you are unsure of your assigned advisor, please log in to your Degree Works audit tool in Cardinal Apps and click on the ‘Advisor Name’ listed within the ‘Student View’ section. Or contact an advisor through our general student email at talk to any advisor by calling (210) 702-2402 or our Zoom virtual counter Monday through Friday, 1 - 3 p.m.

Service members (active duty) who request a withdrawal from a term between week 2 and week 5 are dropped at a 30% refund. The Department of Defense (DoD) requires that UIW returns any unearned TA funds to the DoD based on how much of the course you completed and that you pay a portion of those returned funds. You may owe a portion of your tuition to UIW and a portion to Army.

Visit the Military Related Policies for detailed information.

No. You may sit out a term or a few when needed. You will be able to resume your studies whenever you are ready.

A readmission form may be required if you have been absent from attending classes.

Please visit Readmission to UIW for more information about absence and readmission.

General Questions and Further Assistance

All departments are trained and willing to assist you regardless of responsibilities.

As an immediate contact, your academic advisor does hold your degree plan and will serve as your first advocate while completing your educational goals.

Find Your Advisor in Cardinal Apps

  • Login to Cardinal Apps
  • Click the Cardinal Apps - Banner tab
  • Click on the Banner 8 Student Services Student Information icon
  • Select the current term and click Submit
  • Your advisor's name can be found under Primary Advisor
  • You can find your advisor's contact information on the online directory

UIW uploads final grades to ArmyIgnitED 2.0 once grades roll to the student's view. UIW has ten business days to report grades upon completion of the term.

If a grade is missing and needs to be reported, please contact for assistance.

UIW will report graduation to the ArmyIgnitED 2.0, as long as the student goal has been set by the soldiers.

Go to the Registrar’s Transcript Request page for unofficial and official transcript requests showing the degree award.

UIW makes available many resources to students and especially to active duty service members. We are here for you and because of you!

UIW Military and Veterans Services - The full-service center for UIW Military and Veterans students that assists with active-duty and VA educational benefits. for Service Members - Provides 24/7 on-demand one-to-one tutoring with educators who can help with more than 40 college subjects. Tutors provide help with all types of homework assignments and test preparation.

Please note: U.S. Marine Corps and Coast Guard are eligible to use services at no cost

Military Related Policies - Derived from governmental regulations that impact military personnel at UIW.

At any time, if you are unable to find the answer to your question, please email us at or for assistance. You may also call 210.832.5651.

For Army ROTC questions, please email or call 210.436.3415.

For Air Force ROTC questions, please email or or call 210.458.4624.

Per Army Support, please contact your Education Center or an ESO for assistance.