Air Force and Space Force General Education Mobile (GEM) Program Partnership

University of the Incarnate Word is proud to announce that we are part of the General Education Mobile (GEM) Program. The GEM program is an initiative between Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) and regionally accredited civilian academic institutions to provide Airmen and Guardians CCAF acceptable general education courses.


The GEM program is directed to active-duty members in the United States Air Force and the United States Space Force.

Application Steps

  1. Eligible Air Force and Space Force students will need to submit an application by clicking on GEM Application. The Apply button on the website header above is designed for UIW SPS degree seeking students only.
    Once the admissions team receives the application, the airman or guardian will receive an email confirming the interest in the GEM program and requesting a letter of good standing.
  2. A letter of good standing from the CCAF is required.
    Once your base education office advisor fills out the letter of good standing, you will provide a copy to the admission team at
    • CCAF students: This letter will need to be accomplished for every AF tuition assistance (TA) registration (if required by the school).
    • ANG members and others using VA Benefits: This letter can be sent to the students VA representative so the VA will pay for the course(s). You can find the template in the Appendix F of the CCAF handbook.


Once your admission is confirmed and completed, you will receive a pin from your Academic Advisor to access the registration portal. Please follow instructions on the SPS Registration page to register. Log into Cardinal Apps and click on BannerWeb.

If you receive an error when trying to register for classes in BannerWeb, you may need to clear your browser cache.

Choose from our approved general education courses found below.

Please note: Some courses may be offered intermittently. Please consult your academic advisor for confirmation of the term schedule.

CCAF General Education Requirements
CCAF General Education Requirements UIW Courses
Written Communications ENGL 1311 Composition I (3 SH)
ENGL 1312 Composition II (3 SH)
Mathematics MATH 1304 College Algebra (3 SH)
MATH 2303 Intro/Probability and Statistics (3 SH)
Social Sciences ECN 2301 Macroeconomics (3 SH)
ECN 2302 Microeconomics (3 SH)
GOVT 1315 American Politics (3 SH)
HIST 1311 World History I (3 SH)
HIST 1312 World History II (3 SH)
HIST 1321 The United States to 1865 (3 SH)
HIST 1322 US Since 1865 (3 SH)
PSYC 1301 Introduction to Psychology (3 SH)
SOCI 1311 Introduction to Sociology (3 SH)
Humanities ENGL 2310 World Literature (3 SH)
MUSI 1320 Music Appreciation (3 SH)
PHIL 1381 Introduction to Philosophy (3 SH)
RELS 1325 The Religious Quest (3 SH)
SPAN 1311 Elementary Spanish I (3 SH)
SPAN 1312 Elementary Spanish II (3 SH)
Oral Communications COMM 1311 Public Speaking (3 SH)

Tuition/Fee Schedule

University of the Incarnate Word School of Professional Studies offers tuition at cap for active duty students with no out-of-pocket expenses or fees. Learn more about tuition.

Course Schedule

Review the School of Professional Studies annual course schedule.

Course/Term Length

The School of Professional Studies offers six terms per year and classes run for eight weeks. Review the SPS term dates.