Program Outcomes

Frenchie GilliamFrenchie Gilliam

Auditor | Paddgett Statemann and Co., L.L.P.

"From my own personal experience with having a Master's Degree, it has created several opportunities and given me the confidence to be successful in my career. If you have the chance to participate in the Accelerated Master's Degree program and UIW, do it!"

Durrell SmithDurrell Smith

University of the Incarnate Word

"The Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's Program in Accounting was a great program. Courses that were not necessarily crucial to the field of accounting were removed from the curriculum allowing students to receive both degrees at the same time. Commingling graduate and undergraduate courses was genius because there wasn't time to forget what was learned in the undergrad classes. This made the transition to the master level classes quick and easy.

  • Auditor
  • Financial Analyst
  • Accountant
  • Personal Financial Pl
  • Management Accountant
  • Tax Accountant
  • Internal Auditor
  • Ernst and Young LLP
  • Padgett Stratemann and Co. LLP

The following resources are available to accounting students: