Teresa Harrison, Ph.D.

Management Department

Teresa Harrison


Research Foci

  • The effects of technology on role overload
  • Social networking and diversity
  • Electronic recruiting and selection
  • The relationship between cultural values and job choice preferences

Ph.D. Management and Organization Studies | University of Texas at San Antonio

  • BMGT 6399 Special Topics: Leading a Diverse Workforce (Graduate)
  • BMGT 6399 Special Topics: Talent Management (Graduate)
  • BMGT 6311 Managing People and Organizations (Graduate); Revised curriculum starting Fall 2019
  • BMGT 6311 Human Resource Management (Graduate)
  • BMGT 4380 Capstone I: Integrative Business Analysis and Decision Making (Undergraduate)
  • BMGT 4355 Organizational Behavior (Undergraduate)
  • BMGT 3380 Business Communication (Undergraduate)
  • BMGT 3370 Business Statistics (Undergraduate)
  • Academy of Management
  • Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Management and Organizational Behavior Teaching Society
  • Society for Human Resources Management
  • Southern Management Association
  • San Antonio Human Resource Management Association
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