The UIW Brand

Our brand reflects our Mission: to educate men and women who will become concerned and enlightened citizens within the global community.

The University of the Incarnate Word’s brand identity is one of its most valuable assets.

UIW’s current brand campaigns align with the Mission and allow the University to communicate to its audiences and stakeholders appropriately.

The Your Journey. Our Mission. campaign is primarily used for enrollment and external branding purposes. The campaign slogan represents the idea that each student has their own important and unique journey in life – as students, that journey has brought them to UIW. Guided by the Mission, the University community – faculty, staff, friends, alumni and more – then work together to educate and enlighten them during their time at UIW, where they become who they were meant to be.
The Their Journey. Your Legacy. campaign is UIW’s development campaign aimed at cultivating friendships and partnerships to help impact the journeys of UIW students. A sister campaign to Your Journey. Our Mission., its message is simple – the lasting legacy of friends and contributors to the University is evident in the students' lives their gifts change for the better.
Inspired by Corinthians 10:17 - “For we, being many, are one bread and one body,” the Together We Are One Word campaign represents the idea that though we are many – programs, departments, physical locations, former Crusaders or current Cardinals – we are all part of the Incarnate Word family. This tagline is used to illustrate that we are united in our efforts within the UIW system and in the support we give to the global community.

UIW’s reach and impact are global – from students traveling abroad on mission trips, alumni disrupting industries, faculty conducting game-changing research and more. The University’s The Word in the World campaign is utilized to communicate this global impact and the ways in which the UIW community is positively changing the world.