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Faculty, Staff and Administrators

Email signatures are an extension of the UIW brand and should be consistent across all departments and offices. Please refrain from altering or adding to these templates.

Signature Composition

Name (Arial 12 Bold)
Title (Arial 10)
Department or college (Arial 10)
University name (Arial 10 bold)
Address with CPO (Arial 10)
Office number (cell phone optional) (Arial 10)

  • Do not try to recreate the email signature. You can copy the template below.
  • Do not change the formatting, sizing, colors or logos in the email signature.
  • Do not sub the University logo for a departmental logo.
  • Non-athletics employees are not permitted to use the athletics signature.
  • Do not add quotes, taglines or personal anecdotes.
  • Do not add icons, links, pictures or backgrounds.
  • It is not necessary to add your email address as part of the signature.

Institutional Use and Athletics Use Only

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