Visual Style Guide

Through intentional and persistent use of the University's official logos, UIW's brand, name, and identity will be further established and solidified. Thus, the University enforces strict guidelines regarding the use of institutional logos and marks.

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The Athletics identity system, which consists of the Cardinal branded logos and “September” font word logos, should only be associated with athletic entities and never used for academic or administrative content. Consistent use of these logos by our athletics department helps to reinforce brand awareness and recognition. Deviation from brand standards dilutes our brand image.

The UIW letter mark is a stylized registered mark for “UIW” with horizontal and vertical options available. This is our most versatile mark and can be used by all official UIW entities. The mark can be used in its additional branded color variations (red, black and white, with or without outline) as best suited for the project.

UIW has two official institutional logos - the circle logo or "seal" and the horizontal logo. These logos can be used interchangeably in their branded color variations as best suited for the project. These logos should be treated with the highest integrity when used as part of a design.

Use of UIW's military appreciation logos is strictly limited to the Office of Military and Veterans Affairs. These logos should not be used for departmental branding, general branding, recruitment or athletics purposes. The military appreciation logos may not be used as a substitute for the athletics logos. UIW is required to follow guidelines from the Department of Defense regarding the use of any military imagery in branding and advertising. Before utilizing any UIW Military Appreciation logos or other military imagery (including uniformed students, faculty, or staff), please email the image or graphic to military@uiwtx.edufor review.