Taize Tradition

Taizé Prayer Services at UIW

The UIW community is cordially invited to participate in a service or praise and worship in the tradition of Taizé on Wednesday, February 24, 2015 at 8pm in Our Lady's Chapel, located on the first floor of the Administration Building. For more information, please contact Mission and Ministry at (210) 829-3128, or Lena Gokelman at mgokelma@uiwtx.edu.

History of Taizé

During World War II, a young Roger Louis Schütz-Marsauche offered shelter and hospitality within the small village of Taizé, France to refugees fleeing the war-torn area. This simple act of kindness led to the founding of the ecumenical, monastic community known as "Taizé." The Taizé Community's primary vocation has long been known to be a bridge for communion among all peoples, with its specific focus on reconciliation - not only among divided Christians, but more importantly, among humanity - reflecting God's presence and love among the poor and most vulnerable, the dying, the imprisoned, and the spirituality and emotionally wounded.

Today, thousands of pilgrims (most especially, young adults) come from all over the world to experience and participate in the contemplative prayer of Taizé, which includes the singing of repetitive scriptural chants, silence, and reflections. Through this manner of prayer, communal gathering and dialogue, pilgrims are invited to a deeper communion with God and to be a leaven of peace and reconciliation for the world.

Want More Information?

For additional information on history, community, and current events of Taizé, including the upcoming International Pilgrimage of Trust in Prague (Dec. 29, 2014 - Jan. 2, 2015), please visit http://www.taize.fr/ or go to http://www.taize.fr/en_article14290.html.