The Mission Continues Awards

The Mission Continues Faculty Awards Program

The Mission Continues Faculty Awards Program is a series of five annual awards. The awards are named for Sisters who represent the congregational heritage of living the Mission values through teaching, scholarship, and community service. The awards recognize faculty for their commitment to promoting the Mission and supporting the ministry of the University of the Incarnate Word in an outstanding manner.

Mission Continues Award Recipients
Award Value
Sr. Maria Goretti Zehr Innovation
Sr. Eleanor Ann Young Truth
Sr. Margaret Rose Palmer Education
Mother Columkille Colbert Service
Sr. St. Pierre Cinquin Faith

Mission Values

The faculty members nominated for these awards will demonstrate in an outstanding manner one of the five mission values specified below:

  • Education: The faculty member engages students in the learning process.
  • Truth: The faculty member searches for and seeks truth in scholarship and in the classroom.
  • Faith: The faculty member is committed to educational excellence in the context of faith and fosters the values of the University.
  • Service: The faculty member embraces a global perspective and emphasizes social justice.
  • Innovation: the faculty member is open to thoughtful innovation which serves material and spiritual need.

Attributes/Characteristics of Nominees

A person nominated for one of the five Mission Continues Faculty Awards will exhibit the following attributes/characteristics:

  1. Has genuine love for UIW and its Mission
  2. Inspires/motivates students to embody the Mission
  3. Exemplifies in a special way the core value of ____ in the classroom/school/community.
  4. Articulates the Mission to students.
  5. Empowers students.
  6. Is a true teacher.
  7. Is open to students’ and colleagues’ ideas/suggestions
  8. Respects all others, mindful of their inherent dignity
  9. Inspires trust in students and peers
  10. Possesses imagination/vision in curriculum development and scholarship
  11. Is willing to grow/take risks in his/her profession
  12. Has worked for UIW for 2 or more years
  13. Has contributed to the development of his/her department or school.

To make a nomination, please download and submit the following form to Sr. Walter Maher in AD 151.


The Celebration for these five awards typically occurs during the Spring semester. Public Relations will photograph the recipients, and copies of these photos will be placed in an archival scrapbook and in faculty files of the school they represent. Annually, one plaque will display the names of the five winners and the five values. At the top of the award plaque will be the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word logo and the UIW logo will be displayed near the bottom of the plaque. Recipients will receive a certificate and a door plaque to symbolize the honor.

Previous Mission Continues Faculty Award Winners

The Mission Continues Faculty Awards

Previous Winners

  Sr. Pierre Cinquin Award
Mother Columkille Colbert Award
Sr. Margaret Rose Palmer Award
Sr. Eleanor Ann Young Award
Sr. Maria Goretti Zehr Award 
2003 Dr. Barbara Herlihy Dr. Pat Lonchar Dr. Susan Hall Dr. Beth Senne-Duff Dr. Annemarie Walsh
2004 Dr. Jean Deliganis Dr. Michael Mulnix Dr. Bonnie McCormick Dr. Michael Risku Dr. Steve Wilson
2005 Dr. Mary Ruth Moore Basil Aivalotis Dr. Joseph Bonilla Dr. William Thomann Elose Stoker
2006 Dr. Glenn Ambrose Dr. Sally Said Dr. Christopher Paris Dr. Sara Kerr Dr. Bonnie McCormick
2007 Dr. Martha Ann Kirk, CCVI Dr. Eula Pines Dr. Robert Ball Dr. Lydia Andrade Dr. Anita Anderson
2008 Dr. Hector Perez Dr. Neeta Singh Dr. William Schurter Dr. Mary Elaine Jones Dr. Elizabeth Kreston
2009 Dr. Eilish Ryan, CCVI Dr. Allison Whittemore Dr. Amalia Mondriguez Dr. Christy MacKinnon Hank McDonnell
2010 Bill Gokelman Dr. Harold Rodinsky Dr. Maureen Rauschhubber Dr. Bernadette O'Connor Dr. John Stankus
2011 Lee Ann Waltz Yvonne Davilla Dr. Osman Ozturgut Dr. Veronica Martinez-Acosta Dr. Javier Arjona
2012 Dr. Lopita Nath Dr. Michael Frye Dr. Alakananda Chaudhuri Dr. Julie Miller Dr. Pat LeMay Burr
2013 Dr. Russell Coates Dr. Chris Edelman Dr. Patricia Sanchez-Diaz Dr. Julian Davis Dr. Sara Tallarovic