Faculty Led

Timeline to set up a faculty-led program

Faculty Led Planning
Timeline Activity Task
Twelve to Nine Months Before Departure Meet with your Dean
  1. Review the Faculty-led Study Abroad Process Overview and Best Practices presentations.
  2. Discuss your future faculty led study abroad plans with your dean.
  3. Submit proposal to the department dean for approval.
  4. Forward the completed " Deans Approval Form" to the Study Abroad Office.
After you meet with your Dean
  1. Create a course outline. Be sure that your outline details the "Study Abroad Component" associated with your class.
  2. Start creating a detailed itinerary.
  3. Start creating a budget.
Meet with a representative from the Study Abroad Office Meet with the Study Abroad Office to discuss plans and procedures. To begin the planning process:
  1. What city/cities do you plan to visit?
  2. What are the anticipated dates of travel?
  3. How many students can participate?
  4. Review the Faculty led Study Abroad Safety Presentation.
Meet with the UIW Comptroller
  1. Discuss financial administration of the program.
  2. Set up program finances and accounts and go over all financial procedures.
  3. Review budget and determine additional expenses for students.
  4. If applicable, establish schedule(s) for students to make payments.
  5. If applicable, establish schedule(s) for payment of vendors.
Contact or meet with vendors
  1. Begin negotiations with vendors (airlines, tour companies, hotels, landlords, host country universities and/or language institutes, etc.)
  2. Establish a date for possible cancellation of the program if enrollment is not sufficient.
  1. Determine if students will need a visa.
  2. Consult with appropriate consulate on procedures for obtaining visas.
  3. If needed, obtain visa application.
(The Study Abroad Office can assist you with obtaining procedures and/or applications)
Create a database
  1. Prepare database spreadsheet to track student information.
  2. Include information on necessary travel documents and payments made.
Additional faculty Recruit faculty and staff.
Eight to Six Months Before Departure Advertise and Promote
  1. Prepare publicity and application materials.
  2. Recruit participants.
  3. Speak with the Study Abroad Office about setting up a booth at the upcoming Study Abroad Fair (usually held in September)
Six to Four Months Before Departure Passports
  1. Make sure students have or are applying for passports.
  2. Obtain copies of passports or copy of completed passport application.
Four to Two Months Before Departure Passports Make sure that you have a copy of all students’ passports.
Visas If a visa is needed, make sure that all students have applied for the visa and submitted all necessary documents.
  1. Reconfirm all reservations abroad.
  2. Make sure payments have been received by vendors for services.
  1. All participants are required to purchase both international health insurance and travel insurance.
  2. Contact the Comptroller’s Office to obtain information regarding international health insurance and travel insurance.
  3. Obtain copies of students’ insurance card and/ or policy.
  4. Complete roster and submit to Comptroller’s Office.
Waivers and Forms
  1. Download the following forms. Forms may also be downloaded from the Forms for Faculty section of this page:
  2. Make sure students and participating faculty have signed and submitted all forms to the Study Abroad Office.
Two months to one month before departure Pre-departure Orientation Conduct a pre-departure orientation. The Study Abroad Office can assist you in providing a pre-departure orientation. Review the Faculty led Study Abroad Presentations regarding Best Practices and Safety.
Visit the Study Abroad office
  1. Sign and log details of your trip in the Travel Register.
  2. Leave your contact information while abroad, including hotel schedule and flight itinerary.
Three days before departure Final Confirmations
  1. Confirm flights.
  2. Confirm transportation and accommodations.
  3. Confirm plans (meeting time and place) with students.

Forms for Faculty-Led Study Abroad

  • Faculty-led Study Abroad Programs, as defined by the University of the Incarnate Word (UIW), are short-term (within a semester) academic based programs, which involve student's receiving academic credit for a course. The course includes a study abroad component or the professor may assign an alternate assignment equal to the value of the study abroad component, for those students who do not travel with the class. Courses which include a faculty-led study abroad component must be approved by the faculty's dean prior to offering the course.
  • Faculty-led study abroad programs may encompass different details, locations, and academic objectives; however, all faculty are required to visit with their dean and obtain approval prior to creating and offering the course. In addition, a personal visit with an Int'l Affair's representative and/or the Study Abroad Office helps ensure that the faculty obtain the updated requirements and/or information before promoting the program to students and the UIW community. An Int'l Affair's representative and/or the Study Abroad Office will provide further details regarding the additional steps required. These two important preliminary steps will help ensure the successful implementation of a faculty-led study abroad program.

Please contact the Study Abroad Office (210) 805-5709 for additional information and planning advice.

Documents to be submitted to the Study Abroad Office before departure

  1. Faculty International Travel Approval Form
  2. Student Roster for Faculty-led Study Abroad
  3. Faculty-led Study Abroad Agreement (for students)
  4. Faculty Waiver and Release Agreement
  5. Photo copies of participant's passports (including faculty)
  6. Copy of flight itinerary


  1. Faculty led Study Abroad - Overview
  2. Faculty-led Study Abroad - Best Practices
  3. Faculty-led Study Abroad - Safety

Supporting documents

International Workers' Compensation insurance for faculty

  1. Faculty International Health Insurance Card
  2. International Workers’ Compensation Insurance (Chubb) Information
    1. Faculty who travel, within a 90 day period and under an official university capacity, are automatically covered under the UIW International Workers' Compensation Insurance policy. As with any medical issue or emergency experienced while performing official university duties, the UIW Human Resource Department must be notified of the incident. Please contact the UIW Human Resource Department for additional information.

Airfare Quote

All faculty-led study abroad programs are required to obtain an initial quote for airfare from the University's official travel agency, Corporate Travel Planners (CTP). After receiving a quote from CTP, faculty may obtain and compare quote(s) from an outside source.

If the outside quote is less expensive and the faculty would like to pursue that quote, they are required to visit with the Study Abroad Office for further information.

Below is CTP's contact information:

CTP/Rennert Travel
1919 NW Loop 410 Ste 100
San Antonio, TX 78213
E-mail:  UIW@ctptravelservices.com 
Direct: (800) 523-9036