Grants and Funding

Purpose of the Faculty-led Study Abroad Grant

The intent of the Faculty-led Study Abroad Grant is to provide some financial support to University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) clubs or organizations visiting an international location, as an officially sponsored trip led by a faculty sponsor. The award may be up to $6,000.00.

Applying for the Faculty-led Study Abroad Grant

Grant Award Procedure

The Director of International Affairs selects committee members to form the Grant Selection Committee in order to review applications as they are received. The Grant Selection Committee shall review the proposals, determine if they have met the requirements, and select the winning proposal. If two proposals, or more, have equal merit the grant may be divided. If all of submitted proposals are not selected by the committee, the grant will not be awarded that year.

As of June 1, 2016 the following Study Abroad Incentive Award policy and process has been implemented. Please click on this live web link to download the policy and application  to retrieve the approved policy and supporting documents.

Five Step Process:

  1. Full time faculty implementing a faculty-led study abroad program are encouraged to download and complete the Study Abroad Faculty Incentive Award Application ( live link to the policy and application).
  2. Faculty shall submit the completed application and required supporting documents to the Study Abroad Office at least 1 month prior to departure.
  3. The Committee members will review and award funds to faculty-led study abroad programs that meet the requirements set forth in the policy and application. The Study Abroad Incentive Award Committee is comprised of two administrators in the International Affairs Department, one administrator in the Comptroller's Office, and one UIW faculty member (from any school or department).
  4. Faculty will be notified of the decision via email. Please note that the committee is under no obligation to award any funds and this incentive program is not guaranteed each fiscal year.
  5. If awarded, the committee shall authorize the Comptroller's office to transfer awarded funds to the designated current study abroad program account. Funds may not be transferred to restricted or personal accounts.

Note: Please direct any questions regarding the status of awarded funds to Amy DeAtley, Comptroller's Office, ADMIN Room 175. Amy DeAtley may be reached at (210) 829-6339 or email at

Faculty-led International Program Incentive Award

  1. No minimum number of students required
  2. No minimum time duration for the program
  3. At the committee's discretion, a prorated amount may be awarded dependent on the number of participants and days of the program.
  4. Must submit application form, with copy of course outline, budget and itinerary ( see attachment).
  5. Selected programs will be awarded a maximum amount of $1,000 per program .
  6. Awards must be applied to current program. Awards must be identified to the specific expense(s) during the program. Remaining funds, which are not utilized for the pre-identified and budgeted expenses, shall be returned after reconciliation. Funds cannot be via a payroll check or transferred to restricted account for future use.
  7. After all expenses have been paid, any unused funds (paid by the participants) from the program shall be refunded to the participating students.

Disbursement of Award

  • Faculty will be notified of the committee's decision via email.
  • If awarded, the committee will authorize the transfer funds to the study abroad program account.
  • Faculty may contact Amy DeAtley, Comptroller’s Office, ADMIN Room 175. regarding questions specific to the disbursement of funds. Amy DeAtley may be reached at (210) 829-6339 or email at

Eligible Expenses and Use of the Funds

  • Awarded funds are required to be utilized for pre-determined purposes. Faculty are encouraged to not only detail the expenses, but also provide the benefits of the expense.