Awards and Recognitions

Get recognized for all your hard work.

Every Spring, the Campus Activities Board and Student Government Association host a student leadership awards ceremony where student leaders and student organizations who have exemplified continued leadership, student activity and innovation, all while embodying the mission of the university - are recognized.

Along with recognizing student organizations, there is also an award for Advisor of the Year. This is a chance to recognize those on-campus advisors who mold our student leaders into global-minded citizens and develop professionally.

  • established student organization within the current academic year
  • contributed to Student Life on campus (in-person and/or virtual/remote)
  • embodies the mission of the university
  • in compliance with the Campus Engagement Office
  • hosted an event that is creative/innovative and/or “outside of the box”
  • event must have been open to the entire student body (not a private event)
  • event must have been an approved Student Organization event following all university event policies
  • student organization must be in compliance with the Campus Engagement Office
  • hosted a service/volunteer event
  • event approved and arranged through the Engage/GivePulse system
  • embodies the mission of the university
  • in compliance with the Campus Engagement Office
  • contributes to the vibrant Student Life on campus
  • contributes both social activities to the vibrant Student Life of campus and embodies the mission of the university by coordinating service/volunteer events
  • embodies the mission of the university
  • in compliance with the Campus Engagement Office
  • Advisor to a current student organization
  • Has helped in guiding and advising the student organization and student leaders through this unique academic year
  • Involved and engaged in the activity and management of the student organization
  • Must be the student organization on-campus advisor, not a co-advisor, secondary advisor, alumni advisor, or another type of advisor
  • A faculty, staff, or administrator that does not have to be directly connected to your student organization, who has helped guide your student leadership, and/or student activity on campus and online during this year’s challenges.
  • Does not have to be a student organization advisor
  • Must be directly linked to student activity, student life, or co-curricular activities

Nominations accepted!

Be sure to nominate your organization or another organization for one of the awards listed above. All nominations will be reviewed and all finalists will be contacted and invited to this year's CAB and SGA Awards Night Ceremony taking place on April 29, 2021 at 6 p.m. to enjoy a plated dinner, live entertainment, and witness the recognition and appreciation of our student leaders. Unfortunately, due to additional safety measures, Awards Night is invite-only but will be either recorded or live streamed.

Deadline to nominate organization/events: April 15

Finalists will be contacted: April 22

Submit your nomination today!