Advisor's Section

Advising Student Organizations

It is a sign of respect to be asked by a student organization to serve as the organization's advisor. The opportunity to work with students brings many rewards to the advisor. The faculty or staff member should recognize that this position carries a responsibility to assist and empower our students.

Student organizations are established and registered at University of the Incarnate Word for the purpose of complementing and extending the educational program and furthering the spiritual, intellectual, moral, social, physical, and career development of students. Organizational involvement provides students with opportunities for leadership, fellowship, self-government, and group activities.

You may wonder what your role is in the organization, or what duties or responsibilities the students may expect of you. The purpose of this handbook is to provide information on advising responsibilities, techniques, and procedures, in order to facilitate the relationship between you and your organization.

In addition to the handbook, University Events & Student Programs (UESP) can help you with any questions or concerns that may arise. UESP serves as the liaison between student organizations and the University. The Staff provides a number of support services which can simplify the operational procedures of running a successful organization. Through such activities as leadership weekends, training sessions, and workshops, students can learn how to develop their leadership potential while building a sense of community on campus.