New Student Organizations

Statement of Compliance and Approval of Registration

No student organization shall discriminate in membership or activities on the basis of race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin and/or handicap. Purposes and activities of a registered student organization must not conflict with the purposes and regulations of the University of the Incarnate Word, including its mission. All officers of the organization must be registered students. A majority of the members of a registered student organization must be registered University of the Incarnate Word full or part-time students. The participation of faculty and staff is encouraged. Failure to follow all applicable campus, state and/or federal policies, procedures or statutes may result in the suspension of loss of any or all benefits as a registered student organization.

Review the Following Guidelines for Starting a New Student Organization

Meet with the Campus Engagement Representative to review the approval process and application materials. Necessary paperwork must be completed and/or revised if necessary:

  • Constitution and Bylaws (electronic and hard copy): Review guidelines for writing the constitution and bylaws of the organization.
  • Student Membership Roster: At least eight (8) student members must be listed on the Student Membership Roster.
  • Agency Account Authorization Request: This is a budget account number issued to you by the Comptroller's Office.
  • On-campus Advisor: On-campus advisors must be a full-time UIW employee.
  • New Student Organization Registration

New Student Organization Process

New Student Organizations are approved by the Director of Campus Engagement and the Student Government Association. Once a completed registration packet has been submitted, the Director of Campus Engagement will review the registration application and follow up on any questions they may have. After approval from the Campus Engagement Office, the organization will be contacted by the Student Government Association. The purpose and activities of the organization must be presented to the student body at a designated General Assembly and the new student organization must be voted in. Please be aware of the dates of the General Assembly as they only take place monthly.

Types of Student Organizations

Depending on the type of organization you are looking to start, please be sure to select the appropriate UIW Engage branch to submit your new student organization registration. If you do not see the proper branch for your intended new organization, please contact a Campus Engagement representative at (210) 829-6034.

Most student organizations fall under this category. This includes academic clubs, honor societies, professional affiliations or student chapters, etc.

An established and nationally recognized Greek Organization that has an overseeing headquarters or council

Organizations that deal with any spirituality or faith not limited to being specified by any one religion

A department-approved and administrative sports team or activity. This must be approved and coordinated through the Sports and Wellness Office located at the Wellness Center.