Order Licensed Merchandise

A license is required to produce products featuring UIW logos and/or trademarks.

UIW's licensing program was developed to protect and enhance the visual identity of the UIW brand. UIW partners with CLC (formerly Learfield Licensing Partners) to manage the use of the University's logos and trademarks. CLC works directly with manufacturers and retailers, streamlining the process of ordering and distributing licensed merchandise.

Who are UIW’s licensed vendors?

Through our partnership with CLC, UIW has partnerships with hundreds of vendors who can produce a wide variety of merchandise featuring UIW’s logos and trademarks. Some vendors are national providers and others are locally owned and operated.

To search for a licensed vendor, visit CLC's Licensee Search.

  • Step 1: select or type in your product category.
  • Step 2: type in “Incarnate” to pull up the University’s name

What is involved in being or becoming a licensed vendor?

Approved and licensed University vendors must complete an application process. Licensed vendors pay an annual fee for the rights to produce merchandise with UIW’s logos and trademarks. Vendors who produce merchandise for external sales also pay royalties on all items sold. Vendors who produce merchandise for internal consumption (such as bulk order shirts and swag) are asked not to charge royalty fees for internal sales (UIW does not earn royalty dollars from internal sales). All licensed vendors are required to submit royalty reports, even for non-royalty-bearing sales. Additionally, all vendors are required to submit artwork through Brand Manager 360 for review and approvals by UIW Branding and Licensing team.  

Can I order from a non-licensed vendor?

All branded merchandise should be ordered from a licensed vendor. Exceptions may be requested in the following instances:

  • If UIW does not have a licensed vendor with the ability to produce the requested item, you may request a one-time exception.
  • If a licensed vendor cannot produce your product within your required timeline, you may request a one-time exception.
  • If a non-licensed vendor can produce your order at a lower price point, you may request a one-time exception.

Requests for exceptions should be emailed to branding@uiwtx.edu. Please include proof that you have contacted at least two licensed vendors who are unable to fulfill your request or price point. If an exception is granted, you are still required to get your artwork approved prior to production. The purchasing office will require proof of exception and artwork approval prior to approving payment. Please note that a submission for an exception does not guarantee the granting of an exception.

If you are ready to order merchandise, simply select the licensed vendor you would like to work with and proceed. It is the licensee’s responsibility to submit artwork for approval through Brand Manager 360 for review and approval. You do not need to request separate approval. Please remember to follow the Brand Guide for creating and requesting artwork. The UIW Branding Committee reserves the right to intervene or block usage of any registered UIW mark that does not align with the UIW brand standards. 


AgoraCX is an online platform and tool for ordering branded merchandise, which allows the user the chance to request and compare multiple bids from licensed vendors at once. It simplifies the licensing process and allows users to compare real quotes and to pick and officially order the best value.

How it Works

  1. Create an AgoraCX account and login using your UIW email address (non-UIW email addresses will not work in the platform).
  2. Describe your project using the AgoraCX quote request form.
  3. Select vendors to request quotes from or select “all UIW vendors.”
  4. UIW’s licensed vendors will review your request and send you quotes.
  5. Choose your favorite offer, submit for licensing approval, and place your order.
  • Always order with a licensed vendor, exception must be approved by branding and licensing committee by emailing branding@uiwtx.edu.
  • Refer to the Visual Style Guide for design requirements.
    • Maintain the standards of the UIW brands and word marks.
    • Stay within the UIW color palette.

For questions, please email branding@uiwtx.edu.