Become a Licensed Vendor

A license is required to produce products featuring UIW logos and/or trademarks.

UIW partners with CLC (formerly Learfield Licensing Partners) to manage the use of the University's logos and trademarks.

In order to become licensed to produce merchandise bearing UIW’s logos and trademarks, vendors must submit an application with CLC. Licensed vendors pay an annual fee for the rights to produce merchandise with UIW’s logos and trademarks. Vendors who produce merchandise for external sales also pay royalties on all items sold. Vendors who produce merchandise for internal consumption (such as bulk order shirts) are asked not to charge royalty fees for internal sales (UIW does not earn royalty dollars from internal sales). All licensed vendors are required to submit royalty reports, even for non-royalty-bearing sales. Additionally, all vendors are required to submit artwork through Brand Manager 360 for review and approvals by UIW Branding and Licensing team.  

To submit an application to become a licensed vendor for UIW, please visit:

CLC's Get Licensed