Internal Funding for Faculty

The Office of Research and Sponsored Projects Operations (ORSPO) offers several opportunities and resources for faculty to find funding for their research and research related endeavors. The ORSPO manages internal awards for faculty, assists with external funding searches and provides support and resources for researchers seeking grants.

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2021-2022 Faculty Awards

The application cycle for the 2021-2022 Faculty Awards competition is closed. Congratulations to all the Internal Faculty Award recipients!

1881 Commemorative Award for Faculty Development

The 1881 Commemorative Award for Faculty Development Fund was established with the generous support of Lt. Col. Philip J. Piccione and Col. Jean M. Migliorino Piccione to celebrate the 1881 founding year of the University and to encourage faculty development. The goal is to foster faculty professional development and to recognize the leadership of an individual faculty member in relation to the University’s mission. Projects may be proposed that will allow an individual faculty member the opportunity to develop new skills, research areas or initiatives.

Eligibility: Full-time UIW faculty who are U.S. citizens

Award Amount: Up to $3,000


Faculty Endowment Research Award (FERA)

The Faculty Endowment Research Award was established to provide limited support for new and ongoing faculty research projects. The award is considered "seed money" for research, in that the project should lead to further funding from external sources if continued support is needed and normally available in the area of research.  

Eligibility: Full-time Broadway campus UIW faculty  

Award Amount: Up to $8,000  


Faculty Graduate Research Assistant (FGRA) Award

The Faculty Graduate Research Assistant Award was established to provide faculty with research assistance for their scholarly endeavors leading to publication and to provide institutional financial support to graduate students within the context of a mentored research experience. The award is made for the fall and spring semesters, and a faculty member may re-apply for subsequent awards.  

Eligibility:   Full-time Broadway campus UIW faculty  

Award Amount:  Tuition benefit of 3 credit hours to student’s account per semester  



Submission Process 

Only applications submitted online via Submittable will be accepted for review.  

Click here to submit for the FGRA

Faculty Workload Reassignment Award (FWRA)

The Faculty Workload Reassignment Award was established to provide full-time faculty the opportunity to seek reassignment of workload responsibilities (25% time) in support of individual research and scholarship objectives relevant to their personal growth or to pursue special projects relevant to their departments or college/schools. Twelve one-semester workload reassignments will be awarded as part of the annual competition.  

Eligibility: Full-time Broadway campus UIW faculty

Award: Reassignment of workload responsibilities (25% time) in either fall or spring semester


Faculty Award Recipient Guide

Use of Funds– Purchase Request (FERA)

All purchase requests, reimbursements or check requisitions for approved budget items must now be submitted online using this purchase order form. If you have already submitted any items prior to this report, they will be processed and any subsequent items must use the online form.

*Any computing equipment such as hardware, software or services must request a quote from Chris Nelson at before submitting the Purchase Order request. Please see the technology purchasing policy.

Submit a Purchase Order Request Form

Re-Budgeting (FERA)

These funds are to be used only for the purposes stated in the proposal and budget. It is understood that these funds will be used for such purposes substantially in accordance with the approved budget. It is also understood that no substantial variances, including the time of expenditures, will be made from the approved budget without the ORSPO's prior approval in writing.

In general, FERA recipients are allowed a certain degree of latitude to re-budget within and between budget categories to meet unanticipated needs and to make other types of post-award changes. Written approval is required for budget modifications. Recipients shall immediately notify the ORSPO of developments that have a significant impact on the award-supported activities. Also, notification shall be given in the case of problems, delays or adverse conditions which materially impair the ability to meet the objectives of the award. This notification shall include a statement of action taken or contemplated, and any assistance needed to resolve the situation.

Budget Modifications must be submitted using the ORSPO approved budget template.

End of Award Reporting

This applies to all faculty awards including
  • Faculty Workload Reassignment Award
  • Faculty Research Endowment Award
  • Faculty Graduate Research Assistant Award

Faculty receiving institutional financial support are required to complete this form to document work completed for institutional assessment, program effectiveness, and to retain eligibility for future awards. Attach a single copy of all written materials (book chapters, journal articles, abstracts, posters, grant applications, etc.) completed as a result of the award.

Please submit this form and its attachments within four weeks of the completion of the award period to the ORSPO. Electronic submission of all documents and attachments is required.

Faculty Award Reporting Form