One Word: Global

The University of the Incarnate Word takes a unique approach to provide a supportive and welcoming environment for all, by celebrating the cultures, customs, traditions and diversity of a student body representing over 70 countries and from almost every corner of the United States. We will continue to strive for academic excellence as we provide opportunities for all members of our familial community to be included, respected and empowered. Your efforts not only makes a difference at the University of the Incarnate Word, it impacts our global community.

Alumni Showcase: Faculty Inspiration - Cardinal Community Leader

Janie Barrera

Alumni: Janie Barrera

Meet Janie Barrera, the CEO of Lift Fund — or Accion International, as it was originally called — located in San Antonio in 1994.

Dr. Sandra L. Guzman Foster

Faculty: Sandra L. Guzman Foster, Ph.D.

Meet UIW’s Assistant Professor of Graduate Studies, Dr. Sandra L. Guzman Foster, the Sister Theophane Power Endowed Chair in Education.

Noah Silvas

Cardinal Community Leader: Noah Silvas

Meet the former UIW Startup Challenge and International Entrepreneurship first place winner and current Cardinal Community Leader.