UIW Engage – For Administrators and Student Service Offices

UIW Engage can prove a beneficial tool to communicate and engage the student body. The portal types that are for administrator use are: University Sponsored (when applicable), Departments, Schools and Colleges, and Groups and Cohorts.

While the features differ depending on the portal type, all features can be a beneficial tool for interaction with our students.

  • Upload document files to your portal. This is especially helpful for easy access to handouts and information that could be beneficial to students.
  • Organize files into folders.
  • Adjust permission properties on folders. Whether its internal resources for your work studies or a group of student resources on Resumes, organization and access is key.
  • Include your events in the student UIW Engage calendar of events.
  • Have a direct event details hub that allows for pictures and rich content. Event details can be shared with a shareable link.
  • Have attendance tracking capabilities and other feedback features available to you and your events.
  • A form builder with customizable fields.
  • An optional reviewer (approved/denied) form feature.
  • Housing of form records and information.
  • Some portals allow for closed membership group. This means that the portal and all its features are closed to a specific group or cohort of users or students.
  • You can mass upload student emails for membership invitation.
  • Direct messaging using your membership roster.
  • Upload photos of your organization’s activity.
  • Ability to create News Post with rich text capability – links, photos, etc.
  • Direct channel of communication to student leaders and student organizations.
  • Able to promote events, documents, updates and announcements to the UIW Engage community.
  • Able to choose the level of announcements – UIW Engage community, Portal members, etc.