Other Resources for Students

Professional Editorial Assistance

You may want to hire a professional editor for help with final manuscript preparation. If you do, talk it over with your faculty advisor or advisors. Your mentors can help clarify which areas of your writing would benefit from expert help. Just a reminder, you are solely responsible for the contract and all contract details you make with an editor. The list of editors we provide here is neither an endorsement of any editor nor a guarantee of any level of service to the student.

Best Practice--Decide on the scope of work needed and make a flexible timeline before you contact an editor. To help the editor perform efficiently and quickly, It is best to be as precise as possible about your areas of need.

List of Editors

Open Access Resources

    SPARC publishes information about open access, about your rights as an author and how to use the SPARC Author Addendum when submitting articles for journal publication.
  • SPARC open access
  • SPARC author addendum
  • Creative Commons
  • Information on licensing and sharing your work across digital platforms.