Writing for Web and SEO

It’s important to think about how people read online and search for information when writing for the web. Content needs to be actionable, findable and shareable. The Office of Communications and Marketing can help you develop a content strategy keeping your target audience in mind to provide a readable and accessible online user experience.

To write clear and effective content messaging, we will take the following steps using: 

  1. Specific keywords 
  2. Scannable information 
  3. Front-load the important information 
  4. Pronouns and active voice 
  5. Short sentences and paragraph 
  6. Bullets and numbered lists 
  7. Clear headlines and subheads 
  8. Images, diagrams, or visuals 
  9. White space 

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In this phase, we will review your website content, keyword research, page titles, meta descriptions, competitor data, technical tools, and more.

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