The Office of Communications and Brand Marketing supports University videography and production needs. Video projects eligible for OCM support include video award submissions, event recap reels, event promotions, storytelling for digital platforms and more. The amount of support provided will be dependent on several factors including but not limited to project visibility, project urgency, distribution, audience and more.

The Office of Communications and Brand Marketing utilizes trusted third-party videographers to outsource large-scale video production and editing projects. For information regarding hiring a videographer, please fill out the form below.

Request a Videographer

Advising and Consulting Service

Does your UIW office or department need to get the word out about its services for social media or website placement? Are you working on a video award submission? The Office of Communications and Brand Marketing is available to assist via advising and consulting with the following:

  • Third-party videographer recommendations
  • Appropriate planning and timeline suggestions
  • Talent recruiting
  • Script and storyboard review and editing
  • Final edit review and feedback

Full video service

If your video project requires additional support, as determined by the OCM team and your office, team members may guide you through the following process:

  • Concept brainstorming: A member of the team will host a planning session with you to determine audience, distribution, reach and key messages.
  • Pre-production: OCM team members are available to assist with scriptwriting and storyboarding in alignment with key messages determined in the concept brainstorming phase.
  • Production: A member(s) of the OCM team will be on-site during the video filming to ensure positive brand presentation, crew support, and direction.
  • Post-production: The OCM team will work closely with video editors to provide direction, feedback and edits throughout the post-production process.

Working on your own video project and find yourself in need of campus B-roll? Email with your specific B-roll request.