Student Managed Fund

Master the Market with Real-World Investment Strategy

The Student Managed Fund at the University of the Incarnate Word is an experience-based learning opportunity in which students manage an investment portfolio in a hands-on environment.


About the Student Managed Fund

The UIW Student Managed Fund launched in 2016 with an initial investment of $125,000 from the University’s endowment. Student fund managers earn course credit while gaining first-hand knowledge of investment strategy and financial theory.

Student fund managers develop an investment philosophy to select, allocate, monitor and evaluate an investment portfolio. Students have the freedom to decide in which securities they invest and always take into consideration the Mission and Values of the University of the Incarnate Word. Recommendations are made to the Fund Advisory Board, which approves all investment decisions.


Meet the Managers

Student Managed Fund - Spring 2021

The Cardinals at the helm of the Student Managed Fund for the Spring 2021 semester are focusing on value companies. Specifically, they are looking into the energy sector, consumer staples and REITs [real estate investment trusts].

The team is also exploring ways to finance a scholarship for students to take the SIE exam on their way to becoming professionals in the financial planning industry. Click here to learn more about their plans for Spring 2021.

SMF managers spring 2021

Current Student Fund Managers

michael mcelmeel headshot

Michael McElmeel

Senior, BBA Finance

Third semester on Student Managed Fund

Aimee Galindo headshot

Iraida Aimee Galindo

Senior, BBA Finance

First semester on Student Managed Fund

Noah Fielding headshot

Noah Fielding

Junior, BBA Finance and Accounting

First semester on Student Managed Fund

Spring 2020

fund managed for spring 2020

Michael McElmeel, Nicholas Pedrotti and Adam Lewin II

Fall 2018

Student Fund Managers Fall 2018

Kyle P. Broughton and Lucas C. Lozano

Spring 2018

Student Fund Managers Spring 2018

Kindzeka Kilo, Diego Moreno, Anoop Kurian, and Lucas Lozano (not pictured)

Fall 2017

Student Fund Managers Fall 2017

Neal Fiorino, Apisit Uawongkul, Guillermo Rodriguez, Francisco Diaz and Khurelbaatar Purev

Spring 2017

Student Fund Managers Spring 2017

Joseph D. Allen, Diego Flores, Khalid Khogeer and Jeffrey Conflitti