Together, we will make their journey, our legacy!

Employee Campaign LogoThe employee campaign is a symbolic event that brings together our UIW family; including faculty, staff and administration, to chart the course for a brighter future for our students and our university community as a whole. It is never about the size of the gift but the power of the combined efforts of faculty, staff and administration together. Please consider designating a gift to a fund you feel passionate about.

Support Your Favorite Fund

This list of designations represents funds that have received Employee Campaign gifts during the past three years. If a designation you would like to contribute to is not on this list, please call the Development Office at (210) 829-6075. If a donor designates a gift to a fund they directly manage, they cannot be the sole person authorizing expenses for the fund.

  • Alan Dreeben Research Center
  • Alan Dreeben School of Education
  • Annemarie Walsh Scholarship
  • Artistic Swimming (formerly Synchronized Swimming)
  • Athletics
  • Baseball Program
  • Berta and Roberto Chapa Scholarship
  • BG Robert F. McDermott Chair
  • Bill and Mary Helen Devine ('46) Pinner Endowed Scholarship
  • Business Club
  • Business Department Restricted Fund
  • Campus Beautification
  • Campus Ministry Program
  • Cardinal's Club
  • CHASS Dean Restricted Account
  • Chorale
  • Club Sports Lacrosse
  • Club Trap and Skeet
  • Communication Arts Restricted
  • Community Garden
  • Cutting Edge Communications Scholarship
  • Delta Mu Delta
  • Dr. Henry Cuellar Endowed Scholarship in Business
  • Dr. Mike McGuire Scholarship Endowment for Mission-Inspired Business Leadership
  • Dr. T. Henrich Exercise Physiology Fund
  • EAP Scholarships
  • Ecological Sustainability Faculty Fund
  • Edwina McConnell, R.N., Ph.D. Fund for Nursing
  • Excellence Emergency Impact Fund
  • Ettling Center for Civic Leadership
  • Evans Scholarship Fund
  • Faculty Development Endowment
  • Feik School of Pharmacy Alumni Donations
  • Feik School of Pharmacy Scholarship Fund
  • Fine Arts Program
  • Fink Endowed STEM Scholarship
  • Football Program
  • Friends of the Library
  • FSOP Activities Fund
  • FSOP Founding Dean Endowment
  • General Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • George Floyd Fund
  • H E B School of Business Finance Lab
  • Hardeman Cong. Scholarship
  • Healthcare Administration
  • H-E-B School of Business
  • HEBSBA-Management and MBA
  • HEBSBA-Management Information Systems
  • HEBSBA-Marketing
  • Honors Program
  • Ila Faye Miller School of Nursing and Health Professions
  • Incarnate Word Annual Scholarship Fund
  • Interior Design Restricted
  • International Business
  • Jason Wayne Curnutt Scholarship
  • Jim Donovan Accounting Scholarship
  • Joe & Betty Frost Endowment
  • John N. Igo Jr. Memorial Library Endowment
  • Judy Broughton and John Lodek Scholarship Fundraiser
  • Library Endowment
  • Library Equipment/Acquisitions
  • Margaret Wallace Scholarship
  • Math Restricted
  • Mathematics Club
  • McConnell/Nursing Dean Fund
  • McCracken Alumni Referral Scholarship
  • McCracken Endowed Scholarship in Theater Arts & English
  • McCracken Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Men’s and Women’s Fencing
  • Men’s and Women’s Golf
  • Men’s Basketball
  • Men’s Tennis
  • Mendell D. Morgan, Jr. Library Endowment
  • Men's Soccer
  • Mildred Ann Gude Parker Scholarship
  • Miriam J. Jones Endowed Scholarship
  • Mission
  • Music Department Restricted Fund
  • Nursing Cash Scholarships
  • Nursing Restricted Account
  • Optometry Student Organization
  • Philosophy Department
  • Ronald & Maureen Halligan Ibbs Scholarship
  • Rosenberg School of Optometry
  • Rosenberg School of Optometry Scholarship
  • RSO Dr. Denise Doyle Endowed Scholarship
  • RSO Dr. Mervyn Bloom Endowed Scholarship
  • RSO Dr. Theresa Kent Student Success Scholarship in Vision Science and Optometry
  • RSO Randy Collins Endowed Scholarship
  • RSO Susan Behren's Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • School of Medicine Restricted Fund
  • School of Medicine Scholarship Fund
  • School of Osteopathic Medicine
  • School of Physical Therapy
  • Scuba Club
  • Sean Burke Scholarship
  • Softball Program
  • Sports Medicine
  • Sr. Charles M. Frank Lectures
  • Sr. Kathleen Coughlin CCVI Endowed Scholarship
  • Sr. Maria Goretti Zehr, CCVI Music Scholarship Fund
  • Sr. Pat Kelley Memorial Scholarship Fund, Pastoral Institute
  • Sr. Walter Maher Mission & Ministry Emergency Fund
  • Student Athletic Advisory Committee
  • Study Abroad
  • Swimming Program
  • Tennis Restricted
  • The 1881 Commemorative Award for Faculty Development
  • The Barad Seidenfeld Family Osteopathic Medical Student Endowed Scholarship
  • The Evans Family Endowed Scholarship
  • The Vincent C. and Cyndi Wilson Porter Adult Learner

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  • $250 - Entry in a drawing for grand prizes
  • $100 - UIW Lunch Bag
  • $50 - UIW Employee Campaign Lapel Pin
  • $10 - UIW Reusable Straw

"I am honored to participate in the UIW Employee Campaign. Throughout my education and career, I have had the opportunity to work with different employee campaigns. Now, with the University of Incarnate Word School of Osteopathic Medicine, it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to help our learners and our departments by giving back. I participate as I remember the opportunities that were and still are available to me through the generosity of others."

-Anita L. Reyes

Employee Campaign Chairs

Dr. Trey Guinn

Dr. Trey Guinn

Associate Professor and Program Director
Communication Arts
School of Media and Design

Employee Campaign Co-Chair

"I am so grateful to be part of the UIW family. The work we do here is extremely fulfilling and life-giving. Because of that, giving back through programs like the employee campaign is not some obligation to fulfill. It’s a reminder that our work is missional. We are the fortunate ones who have been invited to be part of this great mission. Our gesture of support is an invitation to reflect on who we are, how we got here, and who we are serving. No matter the size of the financial gift, I encourage you to not just pull out a credit card and click send. I urge you to truly pause and reflect on why you came to UIW and what keeps you here. Like the gospel miracle of five loaves of bread and a few small fish, I like to think that our gifts to the employee campaign when given with a joyful heart will multiply as they feed a multitude."

Dr. Lila LaGrange

Dr. Lila P. LaGrange

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Feik School of Pharmacy

Employee Campaign Co-Chair

"Over the past few years, the UIW community has supported one other while at the same time continued to serve the needs of others. It is for reasons like this that I contribute each year to the UIW Employee Campaign. Participation in the campaign is an opportunity for employees to show their commitment to UIW, its students, and its mission, and I can think of no better way to show my support to UIW than through this year’s UIW Employee Campaign.”

Dr. Elda Martinez

Dr. Elda Martinez

Professor, Director of Teacher Education
Department of Teacher Education
Dreeben School of Education

Employee Campaign Co-Chair

"Throughout my years as part of the UIW community, I have come to learn of the many ways our students and employees have been supported by the university’s programs, initiatives, and resources. This is a true testimony to our mission, as we seek to identify and address our community needs. In ways large and small, our collective efforts yield great benefits. We prepare our students to live the mission in their professional practice. While they are with us, we have an opportunity to model the responsibility and care for those we serve. The Employee Campaign is just one chance to demonstrate this commitment. Every donation counts toward our collective contribution to our community, and donors can designate their pledge to a particular fund or program. I encourage others to join in by donating to the UIW Employee Campaign."

Jose Martinez Jr.

Jose F. Martinez

International Student and Scholar Services

Employee Campaign Co-Chair

“As a former undergraduate student at UIW, and as an employee here at UIW for almost 15 years, I feel very grateful for the many opportunities this institution has provided me. Giving to the Employee Campaign is a great way to show my appreciation and it’s just one way for me to give back to this amazing community. I would also like to add that it is super important to follow our overall 'participation rate' as many of our external donors look at the number to see the buy-in from our internal employees. So I also approach this with a 'team player' attitude to ensure we are maximizing our support for the UIW community. Those two main points are the main reasons why I give each year to the Employee Campaign.”

Dr. Tina Siller

Dr. Tina Siller

Associate Director of Advising and Tutoring Services
Student Services
School of Professional Studies

Employee Campaign Co-Chair

"The reason why I give to the UIW Employee Campaign is because as an alumna and employee of this institution, I remember what it was like being a student and the impact that scholarships have on promoting student success. Now as an employee, I make it a point to pay it forward to help other students succeed in their academic journeys. Student success in completing a degree is impactful for students, their families, and encourages generational success as a whole. I encourage others to donate to the Employee Campaign as a show of meaningful support for our students as they work toward achieving their dreams!"


  • Rev. Dr. Trevor Alexander
  • Cristen Alicea
  • Cristina Ariza
  • Diana Balderas
  • Dr. Marieke Burleson
  • Nora Cadena
  • Arthur Campos
  • Dr. Darlene Carbajal
  • Paula Casiano
  • Janine Chavez
  • Michael Clayton
  • Dr. LuElla D’Amico
  • Jessica De La Rosa
  • Linda Etter
  • Lorraine Ewers
  • Margaret Garcia
  • Ruben Garza
  • Clarissa Gauna
  • Dr. Akbar Ghiasi
  • Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez
  • Norma Green Gutierrez
  • Jeremiah Hirras
  • Mary Jinks
  • Ryan Ladson
  • Jonathan Lovejoy
  • Dr. Emilio Lujano-Gutierrez
  • Helen Lutz
  • Aishwarya Madan
  • Angela Mazzara
  • Dr. Bonnie McCormick
  • Mr. Michael Mercer
  • Adam Mulder
  • Cassie Perkins
  • Kelly Pittman
  • Patrick Resendiz
  • Anita Reyes
  • Marissa Rodriguez
  • Frank Sanchez
  • Marisol Scheer
  • Victoria Shipley
  • Dr. Donald Sikazwe
  • Dr. Denise Staudt
  • Valerie Vargas
  • Marisa Vasquez
  • Teresa Velasquez
  • Dr. Kevin Vichcales

2022 Employee Campaign Kickoff Party

The University of the Incarnate Word kicked off its annual Employee Campaign on Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2022 with food, fun and fellowship for UIW employees.

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Did you know?

In 2021, UIW employees raised over $182,789 and achieved 66% participation! The goal for this year’s campaign is a 75% participation rate.