CISI Insurance

All study abroad participants are required to purchase international health and travel insurance before participating in the program. Dependent on the program, student's insurance may be purchased on their behalf. It is the participant’s responsibility to purchase additional health and travel insurance coverage, if they choose to increase insurance coverage.

Participants are responsible for understanding their insurance plans and must be aware of certain incidents, costs, and/or claims may that may not be covered by the international and travel insurance plan. Participants are fully responsible for any and all costs that international health and travel insurance may not cover. Furthermore, participants are responsible for researching and understanding whether pre-existing conditions may not be covered.

Participants are fully responsibility for consulting with their health care provider for any medical needs that they may require while participating in the studying abroad and/or international program.

All UIW faculty and students going abroad are required to have Cultural Insurance Services International insurance (CISI), which is purchased through the Office of Study Abroad.