Military and Veteran Service Center

The UIW Military and Veterans Center serves student veterans and their dependents (children/spouses) in the processing of their VA Educational Benefits. We service over 1,000 students each term/semester with 6 different types of VA Educational Chapters.

New Student Process

  1. Apply to UIW.
  2. Apply with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to determine your eligibility.
  3. Once accepted into UIW, submit all required documents to the UIW Military and Veterans Center.
VETERANS Chapter 33 Chapter 31 Chapter 30 Chapter 1606 Chapter 1607
Certificate of Eligibility (COE) X X X X
VA Form 22-1995 - Change of Program (Required if benefits were used at another school) As Needed As Needed As Needed As Needed
Payment Authorization (PO) (Received from VR&E Counselor) X
DD-214, Member 4/2 (Active Duty may turn in a copy of orders or LES) X X X X X
DD-2384 -1 (NOBE) X X X X X
Military Transcripts X X X X X
Veterans Certification Form (Completed online via Cardinal Apps every semester) X X X X X
DEPENDENTS Chapter 33 Chapter 35 Fry Scholarship
Certificate of Eligibility (COE) X X X
DD-214, Member 4/2 X X X
22-1995 - Change of Program(Required if benefits were used at another school)

As Needed

22-5495 - Change of Program (Required if benefits were used at another school) X

As Needed

As Needed

Veterans Certification Form (Completed online via Cardinal Apps every semester) X X X

Returning Student Process

  1. Submit a Veteran Certification Request form via Cardinal Apps each term/semester after registration.

Office Processing

  1. Auditing Courses.
    • We must ensure all courses requested for VA Certification are required on a student's degree plan.
    • Only the bare minimum needed to obtain the desired degree can be certified to the VA.
    • GPA boosting courses and unnecessary electives cannot be certified.
  2. Certifying hours/enrollment to the VA.
    • The enrollment dates/hours for the semester are reported to the VA before the start of the semester.
    • This initiates monthly living/book stipends for most students.
    • Note: A students failure to submit documents in time can delay the certification process
  3. Billing the VA.
    • Required Tuition/Fees by term/semester are reported to the VA.
    • >This occurs after the 100% drop date of each term/semester for Main Campus, Graduate, Professional, & EAP.


Processing Time: Once all required documents are received, please allow 5-7 business days to process certification. We encourage all students to submit their documentation to us as soon as they are registered to ensure adequate processing time.

Prior Credit: Students are responsible to submit all official transcripts to UIW for prior credit evaluation. Failure to submit transcripts on time may require the school to reverse certification for a course where transfer credit was given.

Course Substitutions: Only approved course substitutions can be certified by the VA. If a substitution is not approved yet, this can delay the VA certification.

Add/Drops: Added/Dropped courses must be reported to our office via the Veteran Certification Form. Drops can result in debt between the student and UIW. If a student has mitigating circumstances for the drop, this can be reported to the VA and VA Debt Management will evaluate to possibly adjust the debt.

Parking Permit: Students are responsible for the payment of parking permit fees/fines. This is not paid by the VA. Students with DV or specialty award plates(Distinguished Service, Purple Heart, Commendation, and Achievement medals…) can have the fee waived by the business office.

Other office functions completed regularly throughout the semester:

  • Billing/Reconciling Yellow Ribbon and reporting these accounts to Financial Aid
  • Reconciling overpayments/VA debts in coordination with the Business Office.
  • Reconciliation of all VA payments including short pays, yellow ribbon, and changes to eligibility.
  • Reporting add/drops in hours and the associated cost to the VA
  • Reporting Graduating students to the VA
  • Reporting Scholastic Probation to the VA
  • Providing Books/Supply Vouchers to all CH 31 students
  • Events to engage our student veterans throughout the year