Funeral Policy for Our Lady's Chapel

University of the Incarnate Word is a Catholic university, so University Mission and Ministry follows the Canon Law of the Church concerning Catholic Funerals.

The funeral of any deceased member of the faithful should normally be celebrared in the church of that person's proper parish (canon 1177, § 1).

However, any member of the faithful, or those in charge of the deceased person's funeral, may choose another church; this requires the consent of whoever is in charge of that church and a notification to the proper parish priest of the deceased (canon 1177, § 2).

When death has occurred outside the person's proper parish, and the body is not retumed there, and another church has not been chosen, the funeral rites arc to be celebrated in the church of the parish where the death occurred, unless another church has been designated by particular law (canon 1177, § 3).

Criteria for a Funeral Mass in Our Lady's Chapel flows from che relationship of the deceased person to the University community. Guidelines for who can have a funeral at Our Lady's Chapel which can only be on a Saturday follow:

  1. The deceased person must have been an active participant in the life of the university community;
  2. The deceased person had been of continued service to the university;
  3. In cases o f tragedy, sn,dents need to be supported with liturgical worship when appropriate.
  4. Family members of the deceased person requesting a service need to be aware that University Mission and Ministry has to use our own limited resources and personnel to provide such an accommodation which requires donations for use of the chapel, clergy, music ministers, printed materials for programs, and personnel who facilitate and supervise the service.
  5. The Moirthly Memorial Mass celebrated on the last Sunday of the month in Our Lady's Chapel is the ordinary way the University of the lncamate Word supports those grieving the loss of a loved one. This article is a good overview to gain more understanding on the Catholic teachings on funerals, cremation, etc.
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