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UIW Admissions Mission Statement

The University of the Incarnate Word Office of Admissions is dedicated to being an all-encompassing resource for incoming students. We are student-centered and strive to support all scholars by providing university information, individual appointments and knowledgeable counseling. Our mission is to recruit, admit and enroll future Cardinals of all backgrounds to the University, through engaging and impactful events. We take pride in providing a unique admissions experience to our future and returning students.

Jessica De La Rosa, Director of Admissions and Parent and Family Engagement

Jessica De La Rosa

Director of Admissions and Parent and Family Engagement
Phone: (210) 805-2543

Jessica was born and raised in Houston, Texas, and is a product of Catholic school education from kindergarten through high school. In 2003, she moved to San Antonio and began her career working with both high school and college students in education. In December 2015, she graduated from the University of the Incarnate Word with a master’s degree in Organizational Development.

Three random things about Jessica:

  • I collect crosses for my cross wall at home.
  • My favorite colors are red and black.
  • I’m secretly addicted to watching foreign crime series on Netflix.

For me, at UIW, the WORD is Connectivity! There are so many opportunities for students to connect with other people on the UIW campus. In the process, you will develop your own connection to the school which will help you as you work toward your academic goals. I tell students all the time: get to know your professors and administrators, get involved, build those lasting relationships. College will be what you make of it; you’ll get out of it what you put in to it—so put your best foot forward! And if you’re not sure where to start, come see me, and I’ll be glad to help you!

  • Texas Panhandle
  • West Texas


Steven Puente, Freshman Admissions Couselor

Steven Puente

Associate Director of Freshman Admissions
Phone: (210) 805-2542

Steven was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, and is a graduate of McCollum High School. In December 2015, he graduated with his Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Management from the University of the Incarnate Word. He is now pursuing his Master of Business Administration.

Three random things about Steven:

  • I love watching anime.
  • I used to be a DJ!
  • I love playing guitar.

For me, at UIW, the WORD is Future! The reason I chose to get my undergraduate degree, specifically from UIW, was to better my future. UIW showed me the dedication they have from the staff and faculty to help me achieve my goals. It’s true: The first key to success starts here, with UIW.

  • Midwest (Out-of-State)
  • Northeast (Out-of-State)
  • Northwest (Out-of-State)
  • Southeast (Out-of-State)
  • Southwest (Out-of-State)
  • Other Out-of-State Territories

Freshman Admissions Counselors

Emmanuel De La Cruz

Emmanuel De La Cruz

Freshman Admissions Counselor
Phone: (210) 890-8986

Emmanuel is a native to San Antonio, Texas. He graduated from Central Catholic High School, and he is a proud alumnus of the University of the Incarnate Word Class of 2020. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a minor in Psychology. Emmanuel is currently pursing a Master of Arts in Higher Education.

Three random things about Emmanuel:

  • I've played lacrosse for over 11 years.
  • I'm a huge DC Comics fan!
  • I plan to visit all 63 National Parks in the United States.

For me, at UIW, the WORD is Passion! As an alumnus, I found that my experience as a work-study, student and club-sports athlete helped me establish a passion for UIW. The faculty and staff are ready to help students in any way possible, and our student body creates a positive experience for everyone. From our admissions counselors to our diverse student workers, UIW is eager and ready to show you what makes us unique. Our passion for this university and for what we do will automatically make you feel like you belong in the Nest!

  • Boerne ISD
  • Boerne High School
  • Samuel V. Champion High School
  • Del Rio
  • Eagle Pass
  • El Paso
  • Laredo
  • New Braunfels ISD
  • North of San Antonio

Jacob Morales headshot

Jacob R. Morales

Freshman Admissions Counselor
Phone: (210) 805-3075

Jacob was raised in Carrizo Springs, Texas. He is a graduate of Carrizo Spring High School. After high school, he attended the University of Texas at San Antonio where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Communications in 2020.

Three random facts about Jacob:

  • I am a video game enthusiast.
  • I try to go to multiple concerts a month.
  • My dream vacation is Japan.

For me, here at UIW, the WORD is Community! Our top priority is to serve our students and our community. I am so thankful to be a part of an institution that does everything it can to provide for and serve its students, faculty and staff. If you ever need anything, we will always do our best to serve you!

  • Beaumont
  • Brandeis High School
  • Brennan High School
  • CAST Teach High School
  • Clark High School
  • Communication Arts High School
  • Construction Careers Academy
  • Corpus Christi
  • East Texas
  • Harlan High School
  • Health Careers High School
  • Holmes High School
  • Houston
  • John Jay High School
  • John Jay Science and Engineering Academy
  • John Marshall High School
  • Northside ISD
  • O'Connor High School
  • Sotomayor High School
  • Stevens High School
  • Taft High School
  • Warren High School

Candice Guerrero headshot

Candice Guerrero

Freshman Admissions Counselor
Phone: (210) 805-3097

Candice is a native San Antonian and graduated from Karen Wagner High School. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and a minor in Biology from the University of the Incarnate Word. She began her journey in education as an environmental educator in New Hampshire.

Three random facts about Candice:

  • I build and mod mechanical keyboards.
  • I love indie music and collecting records.
  • I love Doc Martens. Catch me wearing them with every outfit!

For me, at UIW, the WORD is Pride! My time at UIW shaped me into who I am today. I was able to receive an amazing education while being given opportunities to serve and lead in my community. I strive to embody UIW's core values of service and education in whatever I do. My experiences make me a proud Cardinal, and I hope you will be too!

  • Churchill High School
  • Samuel Clemens High School
  • Dallas-Fort Worth
  • East of San Antonio
  • International School of the Americas
  • Johnson High School
  • Judson Early College Academy
  • Judson High School
  • Judson ISD
  • Legacy of Educational Excellence (LEE) High School
  • MacArthur High School
  • Madison High School
  • Northeast ISD
  • North East School of the Arts (NESA)
  • Reagan High School
  • Roosevelt High School
  • Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD
  • South of San Antonio
  • Allison L. Steele Enhanced Learning Center
  • Byron P. Steele II High School
  • STEM Academy High School
  • Texas Panhandle-area high schools
  • Veterans Memorial High School
  • Wagner High School
  • West Texas

Alissa Trevino headshot

Alissa Trevino

Freshman Admissions Counselor
Phone: (210) 805-1242

Alissa was born and raised in San Antonio and graduated from Harlandale High School. She recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Exercise and Sports Science from St. Mary's University in December 2023. She plans on pursuing her master's degree with a concentration in Student Services in Higher Education at UIW.

Three random things about Alissa:

  • I'm a cat mom.
  • My favorite artists are Olivia Rodrigo and Pitbull.
  • Carrie Underwood and I are sorority sisters.

For me, at UIW, the WORD is Committed! Our faculty, staff and students are committed to achieving academic excellence and better serving their community. Additionally, our admissions team is committed to helping you find your home at the nest and assisting with any questions you may have!

  • I-35 Austin
  • Central Texas
  • Edgewood ISD
  • Gulf Coast
  • Harlandale ISD
  • San Antonio ISD
  • South San Antonio ISD
  • Southside ISD
  • Southwest ISD
  • Waco

Transfer and Graduate Admissions Counselors

Ali Gonzalez headshot

Ali Gonzalez

Associate Director of Transfer and Graduate Admissions
Phone: (210) 805-3550

Ali was born and raised in Laredo, Texas, and is a graduate of John B. Alexander High School. Ali graduated from Texas A&M International University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication.

Three random things about Ali:

  • My dog's name is Ben Taylor. Yes, he has a middle name.
  • I am a Bad Bunny and Olivia Rodrigo stan.
  • I can eat dim sum for every meal! Yummy!

For me, at UIW, the WORD is Opportunity! The opportunities UIW has to offer are endless. You may find opportunities as a student or as a professional in your chosen career once you are a UIW alum. During your undergraduate journey, you will find many opportunities to be a leader, lend a helping hand and/or build a rapport with your professors, peers and administrators.

Sofia Rodriguez headshot

Sofia Rodriguez

Transfer and Graduate Admissions Counselor
Phone: (210) 832-2194

Sofia was born and raised in Laredo, Texas, and is product of a Catholic education from kindergarten to college. Sofia's UIW journey started in 2014, where she attained a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a concentration in International Business and a minor in Communication Arts in 2018. In December 2023, Sofia graduated with a Master of Arts in Communication Arts. Throughout her time at UIW, Sofia was involved with various organizations and worked on campus. She also studied abroad as an undergrad and grad student.

Three random things about Sofia:

  • I absolutely LOVE traveling. The next place I want to visit outside of the U.S.: Greece.
  • I am a big time '80s movies and music fan! I believe I should have been born in the '80s.
  • I studied abroad in Heidelberg, Germany, and Strasbourg, France.

For me, here at UIW, the WORD is Family! UIW is my home and the people who have been part of my journey have become my family. The faculty and staff at UIW are like no other and genuinely care for students. Various departments on campus do their very best to make students feel seen and heard, and encourage engagement throughout campus. UIW offers a welcoming environment that gives students the opportunity to connect with amazing people who work hard to make your experience a great one.

Graduate and Doctoral Admissions

Phone: (210) 829-6005

Admissions Staff

Headshot of Robin

Robin Rodriguez

Welcome Center Admissions Counselor
Phone: (210) 829-3180

Robin was born and raised in San Antonio and graduated from Oliver Wendell Holmes High school. She moved to Victoria, Texas, to pursue her bachelor's degree and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Houston-Victoria in 2020. She is currently pursing her master's degree in human resource management and is expected to graduate in December 2024.

Three random things about Robin:

  • I studied abroad in Beijing, China, and climbed the Great Wall!
  • I have three cats and plan to rescue more.
  • I am a big fan of Snoopy.

For me, here at UIW, the WORD is Innovate! UIW strives to build the next generation of innovative individuals who help build communities and serve those who need it most.

Dillon Duke. Freshman admissions counselor

Dillon Duke

Assistant Director of Campus Events
Phone: (210) 805-3558

Dillon is native to San Antonio, Texas, and is a Class of 2016 graduate from Louis D. Brandeis High School. He graduated from the University of Houston in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in Interpersonal Communication and a minor in Human Resource Management.

Three random things about Dillon:

  • I have the coolest office décor in the entire Admissions office.
  • I control the music for any Admissions event.
  • I used to be in the marching band.

For me, at UIW, the WORD is Balance! UIW possesses the best qualities of both a large and a small university. We provide the wide range of academic majors and opportunities as a large university while fostering the small school learning experience. At the end of the day, your university should be one that challenges you as well as one that you’re proud to call home.

Gabriella Counselor Image

Gabriella Zuniga

Admissions Events Programming Manager
Phone: (210) 805-3098

Gabriella was born and raised here in San Antonio, Texas. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Communication from Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas. She is currently pursuing her master's degree in Higher Education Administration from Texas Tech University and is set to graduate in August of 2022.

Three random things about Gabriella:

  • I am a big fan of the San Antonio Spurs! Go Spurs Go!
  • My favorite drink from Starbucks is a grande salted caramel cold foam cold brew.
  • Justin Bieber follows me on Twitter!

For me, here at UIW, the WORD is Serve! Our top priority is to serve our students and our community. I am so thankful to be a part of an institution that does everything they can to provide for and serve their students, faculty and staff. If you ever need anything, we will always do our best to serve you!