San Antonio Rising

San Antonio Proud

San Antonio stands today as the second largest city (pop. 1,469,845) in Texas and boasts the third fastest growing economy in the country.

The economy — and you as a future college graduate — benefit from a large US military presence (250,000 veterans; 80,000 active-duty personnel) and growing tech sectors (Biotech, Renewable Energy).

American Tapestry

San Antonio stands apart among American cities for its unmatched diversity, cultural richness and at once fiercely independent and collective identity.

Those elements began to fall into place with the arrival of the first non-indigenous families. They came (c 1730) from such places and cultures as Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands; Galicia, Spain; Havana, Cuba; and throughout Mexico.

They would populate the missions that had taken root in San Antonio a decade earlier (c 1718).

Sisters of Charity

More than a century later (1869), three young Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word arrived from Galveston to establish Santa Rosa, the city's first Catholic hospital. The Sisters later built several orphanages, and in 1881, the Incarnate Word School (today, the University of the Incarnate Word).

Did you know?

San Antonio enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year and an average annual temperature of 70 degrees.

San Antonio was named among "Best Cities for the Arts" by American Style Magazine.

Of the 24 million people in Texas five years or older, 65 percent speak only English at home. The rest speak more than 160 languages combined.

San Antonio/Mother of Texas

"San Antonio, lives in a hyphen between Mexican and American, it's possible to observe multiple migrations of Europeans, Latinos, Asians and natives of this land. It is a place of nourishment."

Texas Monthly, May 2018