Why Incarnate Word

Anyone considering college wants to answer one question: will my degree help me get a job?

A University of the Incarnate Word degree combines important core learning — how to write, speak, think — with important professional preparation.

You will stand apart when applying for a first job. More importantly, you will be prepared for a long and rewarding career.

  • Our Criminal Justice majors stand out as probation officers and victim advocates because they understand family systems, cycles of poverty and the nature of human resilience.
  • Our 3D Animation and Design majors win promotions because they explore story, symbolism, culture in religion and psychology classes.
  • Our Fashion Merchandising majors become industry leaders because they understand how global politics, climate and labor impact how global politics, climate, and labor impact a manufacturer’s supply chain and sourcing.
  • Our Biology majors pursue graduate degrees and life-saving research because they learn to thrive in teams and connect basic science discoveries with larger human needs.

Right “Core”

UIW’s core classes challenge and prepare you, so that your first job becomes a launching pad for bigger and better things to come.

Why study English, computer science, math, philosophy and religion? Because top employers value strong readers, thinkers and communicators — people who understand the whole world, not just a small corner.

Right Career Paths

UIW offers over 90 undergraduate majors, minors and concentrations, and over 25 graduate and doctoral programs — each designed with input from industry leaders and top employers.

We’re imagining new programs to ready you for the future of work — combining topics like philosophy and biomedical ethics — to meet the needs of a changing world.

Right Community

UIW stands as the largest Catholic university in Texas, and among the nation’s most diverse and welcoming faith communities.

We invite students from all backgrounds and traditions to bring their distinct light, traditions and perspective to the pursuit of larger truths.

Someday, you will join a similarly diverse workplace, community or congregation. As an adult, you will be judged by your ability to listen to opposing views and develop a nuanced stance on important issues.

We offer you the chance to foster those skills and become aware of your temperament as you mature.

Right Place

San Antonio remains one of the country’s best kept economic secrets — with some of the strongest job growth and a lower cost of living.

Top growing local industries (healthcare, bioscience, solar manufacturing and clean energy technology, computer animation, cybersecurity) create a thriving job market for recent graduates.

More reasons to start college and a career in San Antonio:

  • Population is 1.49 million — America’s 7th-largest city
  • Average age is 34
  • Home to 153,000 veterans (6th largest concentration in U.S.)
  • Gross Regional Product up 31% in last five years
  • Median tech salary is $84,070
  • Cost of living is 14% below the national average (PayScale)
  • Texas is the nation’s 2nd most diverse state (WalletHub)