Pet Policy for Employees Living in University Housing

Effective Date: 1 January 2011 Contact: Sam McDaniel, EHSRM office


Full-time permanent employees residing in university housing are permitted to own pets as set out in this policy. The restrictions on pet ownership are designed to ensure the safety of community members, guard against damage to buildings and grounds, and ensure the health and well-being of animals kept on the premises. This policy does not apply to Service Animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act or to Executive Administrators who maintain a permanent residence on campus.

Approved Pets

Fish: Fish in an aquarium only if you reside in a ground floor unit and no greater than a 50-gallon tank.

Cats: No more than two cats

Dogs: No more than two dogs.

  • Dogs must not exceed 40 pounds or be larger than medium-sized breeds.
  • Dogs must possess friendly and sociable characteristics, and not have a history of aggressive behavior. Pit bulls and Rottweilers, and any hybrids that are mixed with these breeds are NOT permitted as a pet.

Health and Safety Standards

  • The employee is responsible for complying with the local and state laws concerning the care and control of pets, spaying and neutering, all required immunizations and licenses.
  • The pet must reside in the residence and may be outside of the residence only when accompanied by the employee or other adult residing in the unit with the employee.
  • The pet must be maintained under leash or carrier when outdoors, in public areas, or in transit.
  • Pet accidents and waste must be cleaned immediately with appropriate cleaning products and/or disposed of properly.
  • Flea, tick, and mite infestation prevention must be used. Costs incurred for pest exterminators should an infestation occurs will be paid for by the employee.
  • Pets must not be involved in an incident where a person experiences either the threat of or an actual injury as a result of the pet’s behavior.
  • Pets may not be left unattended for more than 24 hours.
  • The employee must notify the Campus Police Office and the EHSRM Office if a pet has escaped and is not located within 4 hours.

Registration of Pet

  • All pets must be registered with the EHSRM Office at 210.829.6035.
  • The employee will take all reasonable precautions to protect the property of the University.
  • The employee assumes total financial responsibility for any additional cleaning or damages to the unit or University-owned furniture caused by the pet.
  • A copy of the veterinarian record and license, including rabies vaccination, must be provided at the time of registration and must contain such other information as required by local and state laws. The immunization record and license for the pet must be current and maintained in the employee’s residence available for inspection upon request by the EHSRM Office.

Maintenance, Removal and Behavior of Pet

  • Pets must not disrupt others (i.e. noise, odor, squawking, yowling, excessive barking, etc.).
  • All liability for the actions of the animal (bites, scratches, etc.) is the responsibility of the employee.
  • The EHSRM Office has the final say in the revocation of pet ownership privileges.
  • A pet may be removed from University property for violation of this policy at the discretion of the EHSRM Office. Depending on the immediacy of the circumstances, such as a dog bite or flea infestation, the pet may be removed immediately. Absent immediate circumstances, all efforts will be made to provide the employee 48 hours' notice if a pet is to be removed. Notice will be provided via e-mail or other writing.

Emergency evacuation procedure

In the event of an emergency building evacuation (fire, sprinkler deployment, etc.), the pet must be removed from the apartment and transported in a carrying case. The employee must take steps to ensure that the animal is isolated from any other residents during the evacuation process.


Protection of University Property

There will be an initial inspection inventory of the unit completed by the Office of Residence Life prior to move-in.

Vacating the Unit

Upon termination of university housing, the employee must return the unit to the university as clean and in the same condition as the pre-pet standard. A move-out inspection inventory of the unit will be completed by the Office of Residence Life. The unit will be assessed for any damages or extermination. If damages are found, repair/replacement costs are the responsibility of the employee. Full payment must be received within 14 days of the employee’s departure.


I acknowledge that UIW shall not, under any circumstances be held liable for any personal injury or damages caused by the pet. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless UIW from all payments, expenses, costs, attorney fees, and all claims and liabilities for losses or damage to property or injuries to persons caused wholly or in part by, or resulting from my pet which will be living in my residence at UIW.

Acknowledgment and Agreement

I have read the Pet Policy for Employees Living in University Housing. I acknowledge that I understand the guidelines and that will abide by them. I also acknowledge and accept that I am responsible for the health and wellness of my pet, and the safety of others with which my pet may come into contact. I further understand that a violation of this policy will result in the revocation of my permission to own or house a pet while a resident in university housing as set out in this policy and may result in reprimand, up to and including termination. Further, I agree to the indemnity provision set out in this policy.