Laboratory Safety Requirements

The University of the Incarnate Word faculty, staff, and work-study working in a laboratory at any capacity are required to complete Bloodborne Pathogens* and Laboratory Safety Training prior, or within the first 30 days of employment.

If you have any questions accessing Blackboard, please contact EHSRM. You may also refer to further information

***The information below may be subject to change shall there be any federal or UIW institutional changes***

If you have not enrolled in the Risk and Safety organization link, instructions are provided below.

  1. Login to Blackboard

  2. Click Organizations at top of page

  3. Enter Safety in Organization Search box

  4. Click Risk and Safety

  5. If you are not enrolled, click Enroll on the bottom left side. A plus (+) symbol will be visible.

  6. Click Online Training on the left side of the page.

• All training provided by EHSRM will be displayed on the center page.

  1. Bloodborne Pathogens Training and Test (Required annually, *only if you will be occupationally exposed to blood or OPIM [other potentially infectious materials]):

    • Bloodborne Pathogens Training is an OSHA requirement. OSHA requires qualified personnel to be readily available to provide answers if a trainee has any questions during a presentation or exam. EHSRM will be solely responsible for providing questions and answers between the hours of 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday.

    • Review Bloodborne Pathogens Training PowerPoint.

    • Complete Bloodborne Pathogens Test.

    • Training and test may take approximately 1 hour.

    • Subsequent training must be completed annually on Blackboard.

  2. Laboratory Safety Training and Test (Required once):

    • Review Basic Laboratory Safety Training PowerPoint.

    • Complete Basic Laboratory Safety Training Test.

    • Training and test may take approximately 45 minutes.

    • Currently, no subsequent training is required.

EHSRM Rev. 3/2015

Laboratory Safety Requirements

iii. Additional Training (Required and/or Recommended):
• Listed below (a-f) are required and/or recommended for specific research/endeavors and are available at You are more than welcome to complete all the training below. I have indicated possible requirements and/or recommendations. Please contact EHSRM for login information.

  1. Bio-hazardous waste recommended

  2. DOT required only if one will be shipping hazardous waste or signing a hazardous waste manifest. It is a federally mandated requirement through the Department of Transportation. This training is completed once every 3 years.

  3. TX Privacy HB300 not required

  4. HIPAA Security required only if one will be working with and/or storing patient information.

  5. HazCom recommended. Explains lab-specific laws etc. pertaining to the Global Harmonization System created by the United Nations.

  6. HIPAA privacy required only if one will be working with and/or storing patient information.

If you have a group of individuals requiring training, EHSRM can conduct "live" training for Bloodborne Pathogens and Laboratory Safety which may take approximately 1.5 hours.