Masks/Face Coverings on Campus

Effective Date: June 1, 2021
Latest Revision: March 16, 2022
Contact: Nathan Johnson, Associate Vice President for Public Safety

I. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to amend existing campus policy and guidelines regarding wearing masks or face coverings for COVID-19 on the University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) main and regional satellite campuses.

II. Scope

This policy was developed in compliance with the By-Laws of the University of the Incarnate Word, including all amendments thereto, which stipulates that the UIW Board of Trustees shall formulate and determine such general policies as deemed necessary for the development and administration of UIW

III. Definition(s)

Facial Masks: Facial masks for COVID-19 can be in different forms. They can be cloth, disposable, and/or meet certain standards as those recommended by the CDC for health workers, such as N95 and others. You can obtain more information on the various types of recommended masks on the CDC website here: Facial Mask Types. These include those that block light and are of multi-layer material. When worn, facial masks should be worn in a manner that fits snugly over the face and nose, but do not block breathing.

IV. Background

On July 27, 2021, the CDC updated its recommendations for fully vaccinated people to wear a mask in public indoor settings and in areas of substantial or high transmission. While UIW has not experienced substantial or high transmission on campus, we are cautious about the potential impact of related data from the surrounding community.

V. Policy

  1. The use of COVID-19 related facial masks is optional indoors by those who are vaccinated as well as persons not vaccinated. UIW continues to encourage social distancing whenever feasible.
  2. This policy is not intended to conflict with mask requirements for health profession schools and clinics. All persons shall continue to abide by such provisions established therein by the respective deans for these areas.
  3. UIW Athletes will continue to follow related NCAA regulations and guidelines.

VI. Enforcement

  1. Violations of this policy by students and employees shall be reported to the appropriate health profession school deans, Dean of Campus Life, or the Associate Vice President for Human Resources, respectively.
  2. UIW expects everyone to abide by the provisions of this policy. Individuals found in willful violation of this will be subject to disciplinary actions up to and including dismissal or termination.

VII. Oversight Responsibilities for this Policy

  1. UIW institutional policies are approved by the President and/or the Board of Trustees and are published or otherwise made available for access by UIW faculty, students, administrators, staff, and others.
  2. Oversight of this policy is assigned to the CFO & Vice-President for Administrative Services.
  3. The policy will be published on UIW’s public web resources.
  4. This policy will be reviewed periodically for possible updates.

First Approved: May 25, 2021

Revisions: August 5, 2021
August 11, 2021
October 18, 2021
March 16, 2022