UIW Pastoral Institute to Co-Host San Antonio’s Inaugural Festival of Faiths

January 19, 2024

Front of Luella Bennack Concert CenterSan Antonio is home to many people of various spiritual and religious identities. Although these belief systems may differ in distinct ways, their presence within the city shows that the community is connected through the common aspect of faith.

The University of the Incarnate Word Pastoral Institute is co-hosting San Antonio’s Inaugural Festival of Faiths, which will take place from 1- 6 p.m. on Sunday, January 21 in the Luella Bennack Music Center (4301 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78209). This event welcomes and encourages the community to come together to share and learn about diverse faith traditions through music, storytelling and multi-faith panels.

In welcoming San Antonio residents to join in the celebration, San Antonio’s Mayor Ron Nirenberg, who will be attending the event, acknowledges that, “People of all faiths have enriched our past, informed our present, and will continue to strengthen our future.”

UIW Pastoral Institute Director Dr. Michael A. Romero, is looking forward to the upcoming celebration and feels that the University’s sponsorship of the event reflects three of its five core values: Education, Truth and Faith.

“The Festival of Faiths can help to build positive relationships between members of different religious groups in our community by allowing people to come and speak to members of different faiths, ask them questions, get to know them and see and experience a part of their culture," Dr. Romero shared.

Dr. Romero also acknowledges that The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) expresses well the following: “The Church holds all that is good in esteem, even understanding those elements of other religious traditions to be reflections of rays of Truth. Based on this and the recognition of the unity of God’s creation, Catholics are encouraged in dialogue and collaboration with members of other religions”

There will be a variety of different activities and attractions at the event for guests to immerse themselves in to help create connective, strengthening and supportive community bridges. To get the full schedule of events and to learn more about the Festival of Faiths, click here.